Windows 8.1 Themes Free Download

Themes are one of the most essential stuffs to make the attractive look of your mobile phones, tablets and computers. To provide the computer screen an awesome look, people does several customization like: changing color and size of Start Menu, disabling Lock Screen, changing font and color, and adding multiple desktops to Task View etc.

But installing and using third party themes on Windows PC according to the wish is the most impressive way. Recently, we have shared some best third party themes for Windows 10 PC and people liked those Windows 10 themes very much.

windows 8.1 themes free download

Exact similar to Windows 7 operating system, Windows 8.1 also provides the facility to install and use third party themes. But, to try out the custom third party themes on your PC, you will have to patch the system files. In case, you don’t know – how to patch the system files on Windows PC in order to install and use third party themes? then read this guide.

Once, you patched the system files successfully then you can freely use third party themes on your Windows PC. Here’s the list of 10 best Windows 8.1 themes for free:

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10 Best Windows 8.1 Themes

(1) Mimi Theme:

Mimi ThemeGet from here: Download Mimi Theme

(2) Bel Minimal Theme:

Bel Minimal ThemeGet from here: Download Bel Minimal Theme

(3) Naumn Theme:

Naumn ThemeGet from here: Download Naumn Theme

(4) Soft Glass 8 Theme:

Soft Glass 8 ThemeGet from here: Download Soft Glass 8 Theme

(5) Elegant Theme:

Elegant ThemeGet from here: Download Elegant Theme

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(6) NU2014 Theme:

NU2014 ThemeGet from here: Download NU2014 Theme

(7) Base Theme for Windows 8

Base Theme for Windows 8Get from here: Download Base Theme for Windows 8

(8) WhiteDior Theme:

WhiteDior ThemeGet from here: Download WhiteDior Theme

(9) Space Blueberries Theme:

Space Blueberries ThemeGet from here: Download Space Blueberries Theme

(10) Elune Theme:

Elune ThemeGet from here: Download Elune Theme

Download these 10 best themes for Windows 8.1 PC and make your computer screen look more attractive and special. If you liked the above mentioned Windows 8.1 themes then feel free to share your view with us through comments.

To get more Windows 8.1 theme, Windows 8.1 themes free download, and themes for Windows 8.1 computers, check out our Windows 8.1 tutorials.

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