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Earlier month, Microsoft surprised us by releasing the latest version of Windows 10. Windows users are downloading and enjoying preview version of the OS and waiting for the final version of Windows 10 operating system which is expected to come in 2015.

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Windows 10 seems like the modified and updated version of Windows 8.1, because various features and customization process are exact same to the Windows 8.1 operating system. Even, the customization process of themes and wallpapers in Windows 10 is quite similar to Windows 8.1.

windows 10 themes free download

In order to use custom third party themes on Windows 10, you will have to patch the system files. If you don’t know the exact process of installing third party themes on Windows 10 computer then read this tutorial.

By applying 3rd party themes on Windows 10, you can make your computer screen more attractive and amazing. In today’s guide, we are listing 7 best third party themes for Windows 10. See and download Windows 10 themes for free:

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7 Best Themes for Windows 10

(1) Silk for Windows 10:

Silk for Windows 10

Get from here: Download Silk theme

(2) Licorice:


Get from here: Download Licorice theme

(3) Ini Theme:

Ini Theme

Get from here: Download Ini Theme

(4) Unity Inspired:

Unity Inspired

Get from here: Download Unity Inspired theme

(5) Yosemite Black Theme:

Yosemite Black Theme

Get from here: Download Yosemite Black Theme

(6) Numix Light:

Numix Light

Get from here: Download Numix Light theme

(7) OS X Yosemite Theme:

OS X Yosemite Theme

Get from here: Download OS X Yosemite Theme

If you liked the above mentioned collection of third party Windows 10 themes then feel free to share your view with us via comments.

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