Whatsapp Video Optimizer for Windows Phone

Do you know – what is Whatsapp Video Optimizer for Windows Phone? Whatsapp Video Optimizer is the most helpful application for all users who use WhatsApp Messenger on their Windows phone.

If you are using WhatsApp application from a long time, you will be well familiar with the WhatsApp file sharing limitation of 16 MB. When you try to share large video file on Whatsapp, you get a message like “This video is too big at xx MB. Only the first 16 MB of the video will be sent.”

Image, text files, documents, and all other stuff are easily shareable on WhatsApp because usually these files come within the limitation. But when it comes to sharing a video on WhatsApp larger than the size of 16 MB, you feel quite bad.

whatsapp video optimizer for windows phone

Whatsapp Video Optimizer for Windows phone is specially designed to solve this problem. Let’s know in details about it and its interesting features:

Whatsapp Video Optimizer

Whatsapp Video Optimizer is a free Windows phone app that offers you the facility to reduce Video file size and make them shareable on Whatsapp messenger with your family and friends.

The app impressively converts video of any size to size that’s allowed to be share and sent over Whatsapp. The most interesting thing with this recently launched Windows phone application is, it doesn’t affect the video quality after the compression.

whatsapp video optimizer

After compressing videos with Whatsapp Video Optimizer, the video resolution down to 640×360 but frame-rate and quality of videos remains exact same.

Features of Whatsapp Video Optimizer:

The application is very simple to use and doesn’t need any complex settings. Here’s some of the most exclusive Whatsapp Video Optimizer features:

  • Convert single or multiple videos at once
  • Share video directly on Whatsapp after conversion
  • Record video directly from the app
  • Option to choose the encoding speed
  • Sufficient video conversion speed

Even, the app store all converted videos in a separate folder named “WhatsApp Optimized” which helps you to find videos easily. It also displays small advertisement at the bottom centre, but it won’t disturb you anymore while using the application. Important note for all users: Windows users without a front camera couldn’t download the app.

Whatsapp Video Optimizer Free Download

Whatsapp Video Optimizer app is absolutely free to use and specially designed to fix the issue of large video files sharing over WhatsApp.

If you are a Whatsapp lover and like to share videos with family and friends then you must use this Windows phone app. Download and install Whatsapp Video Optimizer right now from the below-given link:

Video Optimizer for Whatsapp
Video Optimizer for Whatsapp
Developer: Virgil Wilsterman
Price: $2.49+

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