Things You Should Know about MacBook Mockup

This guide explains what are the certain things that you have to know about a MacBook mockup. Having MacBook mockups is good for your business endeavor.

Are you looking for the best PSD Macbook pro mockups that are free?

There can be a lot of amazing sources to be found online today. You can put diversified views and angles that suit your needs. You can as well add your own images and design backgrounds even if the MacBook mockup you get is a free one.

Maybe, you’re wondering about what MacBook version you’re going to buy. Just recently, Apple has released the news that their 16-inch version was already released. The exact date of release was last November 15, 2019. According to The Verge, one identifying feature of this newly released MacBook laptop is the fixed keyboard.

Apple has claimed that this version is better than its predecessors, not only on the ground that it has a better keyboard but due to other factors. Anyone who intends to buy it today can have the luxury and convenience of this MacBook version.

macbook mockup

One thing is sure, as the butterfly keyboard design of the previous MacBook versions didn’t work well on the customers’ satisfaction level, the keyboard characteristics of this model have changed. Such change is the answer to the feedback and comments from the loyal Apple customers. Consequently, the company has done the right thing.

The keyboard is considered as similar to the traditional keyboard design of MacBook years ago. However, this new version has backtracked on its keyboard, coupled with other good features such as the ability of MacBook to drive heat away. The processor can run even faster with this feature inclusion. Then, the physical Esc key is another added feature which is the same as the oldest versions of Apple’s MacBook products.

A MacBook Mockup is the Answer

Because of the prominence and popularity of Apple in the tech industry, it can be interesting if you will find a source of a MacBook Pro mockup. One legit source is UX Planet. This web design company has been in the industry for quite some time now. Their experience has been tested and proven over time. They employ brilliant web designers and skilled digital architects to ensure that their clients are happy.

If you want a good screen of the MacBook, you can have it through producing a mockup in Sketch or PSD format. For sure, the designers and marketers can be happy with this great news. The mockup products are professionally created and they can attract business partners who are eager to see how websites, ad designs and portfolios may run through some clicks. But it is important for you to know that it might be time-consuming to have a free MacBook screen mockup.

Do you want to have a stunning and enticing advertising design for your website, application, and related portfolios?

Ramotion is another trusted source. You can go to a Ramotion Store where you can find and download free computer screen mockups. You have to look no further because this web designing company has effective solutions to your needs and demands.

Mockup products can easily be derived through different sources on the web. You can have free or paid templates either in Sketch formats or in PSD files. You can choose anything you want when it comes to colors and styles. You can have a clay MacBook air mockup with white, dark, or flat designs. The freedom is yours when it comes to choices. Surely, you can enhance and boost your ad designs for your portfolio, website and/or mobile application.

Available Choices You May Have

There can be a lot of choices that are ready to grab. You can opt for anything you want to be granted that your interest in having MacBook and iMac mockups is high.

1. A Photorealistic MacBook Mockup

If you want a photorealistic 16-Inch MacBook Pro mockup, you can easily have it. This mockup choice is absolutely perfect for you if you are one of those designers who want to present their digital products like web design. Amazingly, you can opt to have Cinema 4D graphics.

This is one of the reasons why choosing a photorealistic MacBook mockup is the right decision you can ever make. It is suitable for those people who want to have a fashionable and beautiful mockup for designing portfolios and projects.

2. Clean and Amazing Flat Designed MacBook

Do you want a clean-looking and flat-designed MacBook Pro? There you have it. There are available free MacBook mockup templates for you. You will be allowed to have a stylish presentation and visualization of your web and app designs through the use of this mockup product.

One good feature of the clean and amazing flat design MacBook mockup is you can put your own background and images because the files are editable. You can adjust anything with respect to your web design.

3. MacBook Clay Mockups are Quite Good

If you want a MacBook Pro mockup in clay style, you can also have it. Putting a clay style is evident and popular in some iMac, iPhone, and iPad mockups available today on the web. Further good news because there is also a MacBook clay mockup. The color can be changed according to your liking.

You just have to download the mockup template file and you can edit the design that you eventually want to have. Putting some smart reflections is possible and doable. And take note that the PSD or Sketch files are better for a UX design enhancement.

4. A Realistic Apple Mockup with an Environment Background

The background can be your own choice. Having a realistic and high-quality MacBook Pro mockup product with an environmental design is quite awesome. If you’re a designer, you will surely love this MacBook mockup design.

There is one good thing with this. You can choose your desired images and you can use them to edit the environment-based background. A realistic Apple mockup with an environment background image is fit for those who want to have a nice-looking MacBook.

5. Available MacBook Mockups with Smart Objects

Using Smart Objects is possible with this highly realistic and enticing MacBook mockup model. You can have PSD templates up to a maximum of 10 mockup files. Designing the output using various thematic angles is probable. You can put amazing backgrounds and shadows that can augment the aesthetic value.


So, there were some of the most useful and necessary things that you needed to know about a MacBook mockup and how having MacBook mockups is good for your business endeavor. If you have more questions about Apple’s MacBook mockups, MacBook mockup PSD, or MacBook PSD mockup then feel free to contact us right now.

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