Unexpected Technology Trends That will Emerge in 2016

Technology Trends 2016: It’s very difficult to predict the future especially in the case of technology. Looking at the timeline of technology we can notice a lot of leaps in the advancement of technology. But this is not it, there are many predictions made with respect to the hike in advancement which technology will undergo in the recent few years.

Looking at the latest status of techs and gadgets, it’s a clear sign of some very significant technology trends which will come into play in the near future.

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technology trends 2016

So, here are some certain and most unexpected technology trends which are likely to emerge in the year 2016:

The Traditional Desktop OS will Retire

Today many companies such as Microsoft and Google have been developing their own range of operating system and pushing them forward by updating it time to time. This will divert the users to a specific OS which will bring an end to the traditional OS in 2016.

Google is already pushing their users to use their Chrome OS while using their services in order to get a pleasant browsing experience.

Broadband Will Become Our Lifeline

The Internet has already become a necessity in today’s world and due to the regular up-gradations internet has brought the world on the fingertips. Today anything you want you will definitely get it from the internet. In the past few years, there have been a plethora of various interesting services such as watching online videos and music streaming sites/services.

In 2016, many such online services will come into play which would create immense pressure on the broadband limit. Due to which it’s likely that we would get to see a major upgrading in our usual broadband connection.

Evolution in Hardware

A change and up-gradation in hardware have been noticed from time to time in televisions, smartphones and many other devices. Well known manufacturers like Samsung, Haier and LG introduced an OLED screen in the market.

In 2016, it is expected that a new range of display screen namely USB Type-C ports will be introduced in smartphones and PCs which will make plugging into data cables and chargers very easy. E-Sims and Quad-HD display screens are other such hardware advancements which are predicted to be seen in 2016.

A Fresh New Device Shape

In 2016, it’s likely that smartphones, tablets and PCs will take a new shape. Recently Samsung launched a new smartphone with a feature of folded screen, which allows having a flexible view. A new folding feature is also likely to introduce which will make folding of your smart-phone possible so that you can easily put it in your pocket.

So it’s expected that in 2016 smartphones will get a lot slimmer which will transform huge smartphones into a pocket size device.

Devices Will Become Smart

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are some of the technical up-gradations which are expected to come into play in 2016. Very soon gadgets and various other accessories will gain the power to make certain decisions with respect to the situation.

The latest example of this fact is SIRI which is an interactive software and perfectly delivers natural results with respect to preferences. This is going to be one of the next big features that you will find in the smartphones which will change devices in 2016.


So, all the above-mentioned up-gradations and advancement in technology will set a new trend in the year 2016. Feel free to share your view regarding the latest tech trends with us through comments – What do you think about all the most unexpected technology trends that will emerge in 2016?

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