How to Choose the Best Session Replay Technology

Use session replay tools to accurately chart a customer’s journey towards the purchase, or lack of purchase. Learn how to choose the best session replay technology.

For any business that functions in an online format, understanding your consumer base is crucial.

In order to cater to your product or service towards your specific demographic, you will want to know what is driving them when it comes to clicking the purchase button or exiting the online marketplace. Most businesses will have an app or a website in which purchases can be made.

This means that a business will be able to use session replay tools to accurately chart the digital customer journey of each and every consumer that logs in or clicks on the website.

session replay tools

But, what exactly is session replay, and how can it increase your business revenue? Let’s learn everything.

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Digital Customer Journey Tools

Session replay tools are essentially the roadmap of how a consumer has interacted with a business’ website or app. As soon as a customer enters the website or app their digital journey begins. Every tap, pause, or search on the website or app is immediately charted.

Once the digital journey has been completed, the data can be downloaded and replayed using the session replay tools at your disposal. Some technology allows a business to watch the customer journey in real-time, while others offer a more targeted approach in which multiple journeys are analyzed together.

Analyzing multiple journeys means that trends can be seen, and any areas that may be prone to bugs can be flagged. More often than not, the reason a consumer decides not to purchase a product or service is because of a bug within the website or app itself.

Fixing Bugs and Increasing Revenue

As soon as a customer clicks on a link, and finds it broken or is redirected to a webpage that does not match the product or service they have been considering purchasing, they may simply move off the website. That means that a potential customer has just been lost due to an internal error, that needs to be fixed.

If one customer is experiencing this error, then the chances of another one experiencing it are extremely high. Where you lose one customer to an easily fixable bug, you lose many, which leads to a loss of revenue.

In order to avoid losing customers, digital customer journey tools can be used to pinpoint the bug that needs to be fixed. It can take a matter of minutes for big data to be sifted through using the appropriate technology.

Thus, a problem that could have been going on for months which could amount to thousands or millions of dollars worth of revenue loss can be fixed in a matter of minutes.

Choosing the Right Software

It can be hard to know which software to choose from. They all offer similar platforms and services, but there are some that stand out from the rest. The first thing you want to make sure of is that the customer journey is mapped from start to finish, whether the endpoint is purchasing the product, or simply clicking off of the website.

The second thing is that the journey can be saved and replayed at will. The data may need to be analyzed later on for other technical errors which did not arise at first. The last thing is to make sure that some context is provided regarding the customer base.

This can be the country they are viewing from or even demographic information to make understanding the consumer base easier. That way products and services can be tailored to enhance the customer experience.

Using all of the tools at your disposal will increase your revenue stream, and make the path to purchase a more pleasant experience for your consumers.

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