How to Remove Malware Infection from Windows PC

Remove malware infection from Windows PC, Complete guide to Fix a Malware Infected Computer!!

Are you upset because of your computer is infected from malware and you are not able to remove Malware Infection from your Windows PC completely?

If your answer is “YES” then i can understand your problem very well. Few days back i have also faced this kind of situation with my windows computer and so, today in this tutorial I am going to show you – how i cleaned malware infection from my Windows computer.

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I observed, many people don’t know how to identify if a computer is infected with malware. I would like to inform you that if your computer is running much slower than usual, or you are getting lots of unwanted pop-ups, or your internet connection is being disconnected continuously then you need to understand that your computer has infected from malware.

When i asked to my friends, which antivirus software would be appropriate for my computer then some of them suggested me to try Malicious Software Removal Tool or live CD containing anti malware application for removing malware infection from PC.

But one of them said me to try out RKill. I tried it on my PC and trust me it cleaned my PC impressively and now i am free from the tension of malware.

RKill is useful software developed by the popular Technical Support & Computer Help forum It has ability to terminate all the known malware processes completely. It not only removes the malware processes but also fixes the policies to stop from using particular tools. So, from the next time malware will not be able to take part in the process.

RKill is a very small size software and available for free to use. Most interesting thing is, this program can be used along with the existing anti-malware or antivirus tool. Let’s see how it works:

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Remove Malware Infection from Windows

At first, download RKill from the official website. You haven’t to install this software because it does not require any installation. Simply download and run. When you will run this software, it will check all processes running on your computer and try to search the malware to remove malware infection from windows pc

After the search, if it finds any kind of malware process then it will terminate them inflexibly and immediately. Even, it will also remove the registry entry which is interrupting your security program from working smoothly in your Windows system.

Once all the process completed, it will show you a pop-up message to confirm that issues are fixed and now you start your security program. If you wish to see what task is performed on your PC then you can check Rkill log file.

remove malware infection from windows

Overall according to me, Rkill is one of the most useful and very easy to use software which can be used to protect your computer from malware infection. I would recommend you to use this amazing malware removal tool if you want to clean your Windows PC quickly from the Malware.

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    It is very useful article, may time I faced such time problems. There are various article available on this topic but you provide very detailed and useful article I ever read. Thanks to share such useful article with all of us.


  2. Hii Jyoti,

    This is really one of the simplest way to remove Malware Infection from Windows PC. I am not saying this because i have covered this tutorial, this amazing tool helped me to remove Malware Infection from my Windows 7 system.

    I would suggest you to try out it if needed. I assure you after using once you will love it. Thanks for your valuable comments dear. Your comments always motivate me to write more Windows tutorials like this.

  3. I refer to use malwarebytes.
    i have heard about Rkill before, but i never used it.

    Usually malware include ini freesoftware installation, they infect at registry and installing add ons in browser. So be aware when downloading and installing free software. 😉


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