How to Fix PS4 Controller Not Charging or Turning On

Looking for the solutions to fix your PS4 Controller won’t charge issue? Here’s how to fix PS4 Controller not charging or turning on problem.

PS4 (PlayStation 4) is one of the best next-generation home video game consoles developed by the Sony Interactive Entertainment. Few of the best games which are available out there are exclusive to PlayStation 4.

High-quality graphics, the mesmerizing gaming experience is what you get with this world’s best-selling console.

PlayStation 4 console is well known for its fantastic gaming experience and its versatile parental controls specifically designed to give you peace of mind.

While there is no issue with hardware which comes with PlayStation 4 console, with time users face issue with the PS4 controller such as PS4 controller not charging, PlayStation 4 controller not turning on etc.

ps4 controller not charging

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We all know that the controllers which we get with PlayStation 4 are wireless controllers. Over the time PS4 controller won’t charge properly which leaves us with only one option and that would be connecting controller with charging cable.

We received many requests from our readers asking how to fix PS4 controller not charging or turning on problem, which is why we thought of writing this article. Today we are going to share few active solutions which will help you in solving PlayStation 4 not charging issue.

How to Fix PS4 Controller Won’t Charge and Turn On

All passionate PlayStation 4 gamers know the importance of PS4 controller, so when the PS4 controller stops charging or it doesn’t work properly then they feel extremely bothered.

If you are using PS4 for a long time then you might have known that PS4 controller not charging or turning on is one of the most common problems of PlayStation 4 console.

So now the question is – What to do if your PS4 controller won’t charge?

Well, here we are going to share top five useful methods which will help you in resolving PS4 controller charging issues. Here we go:

Method 1: Reset PS4 Controller

The first thing which you can do in order to fix PS4 controller not charging problem is trying to reset PS4 controller.

To reset PS4 controller, use a small toothpick. On the back of your controller, just next to the right screw you will see a small hole. Use the toothpick and put it in the small hole for few seconds and then release.

reset ps4 controller

Once the controller restarts, now try to connect the PS4 charger cable back to the controller and see if it charges.

Method 2: Replace PS4 Controller Battery

Before making any major changes, try out the PS4 controller battery replacement solution because it is quite helpful in most of the cases.

If you have been using your PlayStation 4 controller for a long period of time then it is possible that the battery of your PS4 controllers are died out which is why it is not getting charged.

replace ps4 controller battery

So, just replace PS4 controller battery with the new ones and see if it works out. You need not to worry about the warranty of your device as it will stay intact.

Method 3: Check PS4 Controller Charging Cable

Sometimes, the faulty charging cable also might be responsible for PS4 controller won’t charge and turn on problem.

Check and see if the PS4 charging cable which you are using to charge your controller is not faulty. Any cuts or malformed charging cable will also lead to PlayStation 4 controller charging issue. Use a different charging cable and see if you are able to charge the controller.

ps4 controller charging cable

Always use the official charging USB cable to charge your PS4 controller. If you are using some third-party charging cable, it won’t respond.

Method 4: Check PS4 Controller Charging Port

If your PS4 charging cable is fine then you need to check the PS4 controller charging port too.

Faulty charging port could also lead to charging issues on PlayStation 4 controller. If you are not connecting the charging cable carefully to the Controller, then you might experience PS4 controller charging issues.

ps4 controller charging port

Check for any physical damages on charging port or get in touch with an authorized service center to rule out any port-related issues and get rid of the PS4 controller is not charging problem.

Method 5: Charge PS4 Controller Upside Down

Charging PS4 controller upside down is the last solution which makes to our guide of how to fix PS4 controller won’t charge or turn on.

One of our readers mentioned that they were able to charge PS4 controller when it was placed upside down.

ps4 controller won't charge

We know that this might sound weird, but keep your controller upside down and connect charging cable to it. Check and see if you are able to charge your PS4 controller.


So, these are some of the most basic but valuable solutions which helped us in resolving PS4 controller won’t charge issue. Try out all these methods one by one and fix your PS4 controller not charging or turning on problem.

We hope now you know what to do if your PlayStation 4 controller stops charging or not working properly.

Let us know via the comments section below – Which PS4 controller not charging fix helped you in resolving the issue?

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