Top 13 Best Photo Background Changer Apps for Android 2020

Looking for the best photo editing apps for Android to change photo background? Use these top 13 best photo background changer apps for Android in 2020.

Are you curiously searching for some of the best photo background changer apps for Android devices? Well, with the seamless access of smartphones, everyone is a photographer nowadays. Companies are giving each other tough competition in terms of features of the smartphone they produce and a clear and high megapixel camera is a must-have among those.

Be it a casual friend’s meet, a date, a family gathering or a special occasion, taking photos are one of the must things to do because social media is awaiting for such snaps and who can resist getting thousands of likes and comments, right? And by understanding this huge craving and demand for selfie cameras, recently, manufacturers are focusing on the front camera of the phone more to enable people taking beautiful and flawless pictures to be uploaded instantly on social media.

While taking selfies, it is possible that you face certain obstruction; things can be blurred, the low light can create an issue, you may end up giving a stunning pose in front of the very poor background and many more. And you can’t just upload these pictures and make hashtags on it, right?

photo background changer apps

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You have to make it very presentable and worthy of getting huge numbers of likes and comments. This is the main reason why the photo background editing app and photo background changer app are developed. With the help of such photo editing apps for Android, you can change the background, edit the brightness and contrast, give some sassy filters, add frames, blur the unwanted things, crop it to your profile size and what not!

Top 13 Best Photo Background Changer App for Android

Smartphone users generally have a photo background changer app on their phones, however, everyone is not happy with their experiences. All the picture background editing apps don’t comprise all the required features and here people get confused about what to keep and what not. Which is why people often ask – Which app is best for photo background editing? And how to change photo background on Android phone within seconds?

To answer them and get them rid of their confusion, we are going to take a tour to the best photo background editing apps and photo background change app for Android devices available in the market so that you can at least compare some and get the one as per your requirements and preferences. So, now without any further ado, let’s check out the list of top 13 best photo background changer apps for Android phones and tablets. Here we go:

Background Eraser (Free)

It is surveyed out that the unattractive background creates a problem for most people. It is not necessary that you can get the perfect background each time whenever you may feel like taking pictures. You can’t chase a good background just for a nice profile picture. And when you finally get a nice picture and the background came up to be horrible, you can’t go to the studio to rectify it, right? Background Eraser can alleviate your job and get you a picture without taking any hassle.

photo background changer app

This is one of the most used photo background changer apps for Android devices. The Background Eraser app is entirely compatible with all versions of Android. Instead of keeping a bulky Photoshop editor on your phone and jamming the memory you can just keep this amazing photo editing app for the background issue. You don’t need to learn anything before using this app and it’s extremely user-friendly too.

To change the background, you just have to choose the picture from the gallery and erase the background to put a new image as a background of your old picture. Yes, it is that simple! The best part is that the Background Eraser Android app is totally free!

Background Eraser – BG Remover and Photo Editor (Free)

This is meant for Android devices and is available on the Google Play Store. When the camera ditches you and comes up with a spoiled picture, you have to take the help of such a photo background changer app for Android where you can edit the photos and change the background according to your preferences. With this photo background changer app, you can make the background transparent or add new pictures to rectify your existing background.

Background Eraser – BG Remover and Photo Editor is a lightweight photo editing app that wouldn’t create any extra burden for your phone. There are some amazing features of this app that have made it so popular among the users. The features include a brush tool, target area, and target tool. The restore/reverse option will let you toggle between the edited version and the original one to save finally.

photo background changer app for android

While editing, if you are not satisfied with a certain feature you can undo it. The redo option is also available with it. With this powerful photo background change app, you can add an exciting background that you think is appropriate for the picture. If you don’t have any background picture, it is better to keep it without it.

Photo Backgrounds (Free)

If you are searching for something that is focused only on the background, this one is for you. Many phones these days come with the feature of editing in the camera app. You can use the filters, adjust the size and the brightness there. The only thing that can create a problem here is the background. This lightweight app which is known as the Photo Backgrounds app for Android can help you out in this case.

best photo background changer apps

There is a wide array of backgrounds available for you to choose from. As per your attire, pose and all you can pick the best background for your photo. The backgrounds are categorized here in various segments like forest, sea, waterfall, city lights, mountain and more.

Just remember that once you choose the background you have to edit the picture with the background otherwise the edit will be visible for the viewers. It is recommended to use the background at first and then choose the filters so that the camouflage of the editing can be maintained well.

Photo Background Changer (Free)

This is another best photo background change app for Android that has a lot of downloads. Basically, the Photo Background Changer app is entitled with 49 beautiful and fascinating photos to be used as your background. This app enables you to change the old background of your picture and add new ones from the options available within the app. You can also use the gallery to choose the background for your picture.

photo background changer apps for android

There are several other features as well which make the Photo Background Changer app a complete photo editing app for Android like adding texts, shadows and duplicate cut out parts. The look your picture is going to have through this app is very different from the other app because of the added features.

The only major problem a lot of users complain about this photo background editing app is the ads. Being a free version the app involves many ads that can annoy you. Yet, the app is lightweight and has a lot of nice backgrounds to be used, so you can easily give it a try.

Change Photo Background (Free)

If you were searching on Google “how to change picture background in Android devices”, there is a great possibility that the Change Photo Background app might have come up in the top suggestions because it’s extremely popular among the Android users too. This is also a free app available on the Play Store and one of the popular Android apps to change photo backgrounds. This photo background changer app is compatible with almost all Android devices.

The Change Photo Background Android app is one of the favorite apps for those people who perform photo editing frequently. Of course, this is not a professional photo editor but it can help you with the photos which you take from your phone to change the background it has.

photo background change app

For the beginners, this is the best picture background editing app, as per reviews. The backgrounds are so natural and after applying those become so apt with the picture that you don’t have to look for the changes again after applying the background. It doesn’t look odd behind your picture and this is why most people use the same.

The app is featured with built-in backgrounds which you can choose from or else, it allows you to choose a photo from your gallery. You can change the transparency of the background and make it look more perfect. The app doesn’t take much space of your phone memory so the lagging issue with this free photo editor app for Android is not found yet. Overall feedback of this free photo background editor app is good as of now.

Photo Background Blender (Free)

Many users consider this Android app as the best photo editing app to change background of photos. Photo Background Blender is basically an automated app where you can blend photo backgrounds. You can use the existing background with another picture or you can use two new photos to be blended and applied to the photo.

It works very smoothly for all devices and the user-friendliness of the app is one of the key points that fetched its popularity. You just have to move the sliders to blend the pictures together. If you are thinking about how to change photo background on Android, you can use this free photo editor app. You don’t need any walkthrough or prior training to use the Photo Background Blender android app for changing photo backgrounds.

how to change photo background on android

Simply, import any two pictures from your gallery and blend it as your background. The intensity of the blend can be controlled by you. The intensity bar will help you make it happen. The added features are the sticker and texts that you can add to the photos. Also, you can directly share it on your social media accounts without even saving it to your own gallery.

TouchRetouch (Paid)

Photo editing is often a daunting task where many people find themselves in a fix. However, as we are discussing the best photo background changer apps if we don’t mention the TouchRetouch Android app, it will be unjustified. As per recommendation, if you are searching for photo background changer apps for Android this is your best pick.

Many people will think before the installation of this app for Android because this is a paid app, but if you are looking for something really cool and effective, you shouldn’t compromise with the quality of the product you are getting. This app is extensively used by millions of people and the rating on the same is excellent.

photo background editing app

The app is a lightweight one that goes through frequent updates. Not only you can change the photo background with it, but you will also be able to remove people, buildings, birds, shades, objects, mountains and any other thing that you don’t like to be in the picture. The reason behind its immense popularity despite being a paid app is its user-friendliness. Everybody can use and operate the app and enjoy its fantastic features.

Simple Background Changer (Free)

If you have Android 4.0 or upper version you can get this best photo editing app in Android devices for the purpose of editing pictures in terms of changing the background. The main feature of the Simple Background Changer app for Android lies in the flawless cutting of old images in a simple way. Yes, it’s true. The users don’t have to be technoid to use this free photo background editor app.

which app is best for photo background editing

The features are packed in user-friendly navigation and people simply love it. You can use the pictures of your gallery by editing them as a background of your picture. The removal of the background is even easier where you just need to tap the screen and the icon.

To enhance the perfection of a picture, the app enables various brushes for image editing. With the zoom in and out feature, you will be able to see every minute detail and rectify them for a flawless look. Apart from the options to take pictures from the gallery, you can also use the HD backgrounds which are already there in the app and that’s totally free of cost.

Auto Background Changer (Free)

This is the era of automation where people crave for more automated tools. It not only saves our time but also makes life easier for us. To keep you habituated with the automation technology, the best picture background editing app is available where the auto-editing feature is present. The Auto Background Changer is an extremely simple app where you just need to cut and paste the photos to create a crisp picture. The app automatically adjusts the background with your picture and crops it according to the size.

photo background changer app free download

Each change is saved automatically so there is no worry if you accidentally close the app. This auto photo background changer app makes you capable of removing every unwanted piece from the picture even if you don’t want to change the entire background and replace it with your favorite one. People extensively use this best photo editing Android app for the editing features it has. It is free and available on the Google Play Store.

Background Changer: Change Background of Photos (Free)

Being a very lightweight and one of the best photo editing apps for Android to change background, it doesn’t make your phone memory heavy. Background Changer is also a very popular app that is available on the Play Store and developed for Android devices. As the name says, the basic feature of the app is, of course, helping people to change the background of the photo but along with the same, there are several additional features that help in increasing the popularity of the app.

free photo background editor app

There is a huge collection of backgrounds available in the app which you can use for your pictures and there are tools to edit the picture as a whole so that the background insertion doesn’t look weird and out of the place for it. The stylistic effects and filters will surely blow your mind. And if you want something from your gallery to be the background of your picture, you can use that too. Here as well, you will be able to edit that picture to make it more realistic.

Photo Background Editor (Free)

People who know how to use Photoshop, Illustrator and similar tools can easily edit a photo professionally but what about the others who don’t know how to use these professional tools? Well, there are various effective photo background changer apps like Photo Background Editor which can help them out. It is perfect for the selfies you take.

To post your selfies on social media you have to make it presentable. Though many social media platforms have now enabled the filters to edit your picture, still, the background can create a problem. If your picture is just perfect for the DP, but the background is just horrible, get this best photo editing app in Android device to change it.

best photo editing app in android

Remove the background solely or replace it with some other options. The app already has in-built pictures to be used as backgrounds which you can edit to go perfectly well with the picture. Also, you can use the existing pictures you have in your gallery to complement your photo is the nicest possible way.

Auto Photo Background Changer (Free)

Auto Photo Background Changer is one of the coolest apps available on the web to alleviate your experience of photo editing. The filters, brightness adjustment and resizing are available for most of the photo editing apps, but the background changing is a little critical without the professional ones. If you are confused about how to change picture background in Android phone then this automatic photo background editing app will be a perfect one to start with.

Using the Auto Photo Background Changer Android app, you can change the background of your picture and make it cooler. Operating this automatic photo editor app is so easy that anyone can perform it from their phone and that’s why it is one of the best photo editing apps for changing background. You can choose your favorite photo as a background of your picture or you can explore the collections the app already has.

best photo editing apps for android

The HD quality pictures will go perfectly with your photos. You just have to choose the picture and the rest of the job will be done automatically by the app. The cropping and resizing according to your picture and resolution is done by the tool itself. If you like just a neutral background, you can choose the colors to enhance the focus on your picture. And, all you can do in this app is without spending a single penny!

Pixlr – Free Photo Editor (Free)

Pixlr is one of the best photo editing apps for Android and most popular free photo background editor apps available in the market. With a wide array of editing tools, Pixlr can make your picture just perfect from every possible angle. Not only editing the background of the photo but Pixlr can help you rectify each imperfection that exists in the photo.

This is often used as a cosmetic editing of pictures where you can remove blemish and red-eye, whiten teeth, sharpen your features and many more. Pixlr is featured with more than 2 million of free effects combinations, filters, and overlays. The app is also capable of auto fixing the issues with the photo where you don’t need to edit every area one by one but just with one tap.

best photo editing app for android to change background

You can change the style of your photo with a pencil drawing, poster drawing, ink sketch, and many others. This is why it is considered as one of the best photo editor apps for Android devices. All the features of Pixlr are not available to free of cost; for some of them, you have to take the paid membership.

Conclusion – Which App is Best for Photo Background Editing?

This was a brief tour to our list of top 13 best photo background changer apps for Android devices available in the market. Most of these photo background editing apps are free and compatible with Android phones and tablets. Well, while putting an endnote, we can’t miss the author’s perspective to alleviate your understanding so that you can pick the best photo editing apps to remove background and edit your pictures easily.

The few things which you have to keep in mind are user-friendliness, features, and quality of editing tools. The two other considerable factors are price and size. Although, we think that these two factors can be compromised if the end-product is worth it.

To us, TouchRetouch is an effective app but it is not for them who are searching for a free photo background editor app or best photo background changer app free download. Overall, we vote for Pixlr which is the best free photo background changer apps for Android in 2020. This complete app will fulfill all your requirements of photo editing from your phone.

What’s your pick for the best photo editing app for Android to change photo background? Please, feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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