Microsoft Edge: The New Browser of Windows 10

Did you hear the news about “Microsoft Edge”?

From past few months, Microsoft is continually introducing several exclusive features and applications for the latest Windows operating system “Windows 10”. Project Spartan Web Browser was also one of the most interesting additions in the recent build of Windows 10.

But it seems like the project spartan web browser was just a code name for the new browser because at the recent BUILD conference (29 April), Microsoft officially announced the new web browser for Windows 10 – “Microsoft Edge“.

microsoft edge

Yes, it’s the truth! Now, Microsoft Edge will be the new browser on all Windows 10 devices. Microsoft Edge comes with a minimalistic user interface and with all fascinating features in a quite simple interface.

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Microsoft Edge: The New Windows 10 Browser

Microsoft wrote on their Windows Blog about Introducing Microsoft Edge: Microsoft Edge is the all-new Windows 10 browser built to give you a better web experience. Write directly on web pages and share your mark-ups with others. Read online articles free of distraction or use the offline reading feature for greater convenience. Microsoft Edge is the new browser that works the way you do.”

Check out the introductory video of the New Windows 10 Browser – Microsoft Edge:

Similar to other Web browsers (Chrome, or Firefox), Microsoft Edge will also support the web extensions. According to the company, developers will be able to bring all the extensions available on the chrome browser or Firefox browser to Microsoft Edge very easily with few simple code changes.

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