The Latest Windows 8.1 Update You Need to Know

Are you familiar with the recently introduced Windows 8.1 Update ?

Microsoft would have learnt about user complaints regarding Windows 8 and made efforts to improve this by taking a number of steps to make Windows 8.1 more acceptable to the regular users of desktop with keyboard and a mouse.

Many change incorporated by Microsoft will make the users happy. Important new features introduced in Windows 8.1 Update 1 are discussed below:

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10 Latest Windows 8.1 Update You Need to Know

# Close and Minimize Buttons for Applications: A problem that was faced earlier was about how to close apps in Windows 8. Lack of minimize and close buttons on the top of the window was unexpected as users were so used to using this feature. With the updated version Metro apps have minimize and close buttons at the top of the app.

# Access Taskbar from Desktop and Start Screen: Users were not given access to the taskbar from start screen in earlier versions. It is now possible for user to access taskbar from start screen and desktop.

On Start screen the mouse pointer needs to be moved below to the bottom corner of the screen for displaying the taskbar. Use Flipkart coupons to get good discounts.

# Go to Desktop Automatically: In Windows 8.1 users were given choice of going directly to the start screen. In the newer version the “Taskbar” and “Navigational” properties could be opened manually. Check the option by opening the Navigation pane.

The Update 1 for Windows 8.1 takes it a step further. Start screen would be now be automatically bypassed by non-touch screen PCs and you could directly boot straight to the desktop.

Windows 8.1 Update

# Windows Update: If you are running the update for Windows 8.1 you will find new search and power buttons close to account picture at top right end of the start screen. It is now easy to power down the system or conduct searches directly from the start screen. Now no need to go to the start button for doing so.

# Taskbar Displays the Apps: Another problem was the non display of apps in taskbar. On switching on the desktop, it was not visible which apps were operating at the same time. Both Metro apps and desktop applications are now displayed in the taskbar in Windows 8.1 Update 1.

# Display the Context Menu: In earlier versions one could not use the right-click option on the Start Screen. Those used to using mouse can now right-click a tile and would see a context menu that displays all the actions for the app.

# Taskbar to Pin the Apps: With this update you can now pin the apps to the taskbar too.

# Default Desktop Applications: In the update the desktop applications can be opened by default. You should open PC setting, search the apps, select defaults and then choose the preferred apps for setting the default apps.

# Notifications for Apps Installed: In the earlier versions you were required to search for finding the programs installed recently and manually pin these to the start screen on your installing new program.

# Update Automatically Available from Microsoft: Those users who are using Windows 8 should first update to Windows 8.1 and then opt for Update 1. This can be availed for free from Windows store.

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