Experts Advice: How to Run a Tech Blog Successfully

If you are a tech Blogger or want to start a new technology blog then few questions will sure rise in your mind such as:

How to run a technology Blog/Website successfully? Or, What are the secrets of running a successful tech Blog?

And when you will search on web to know about the answers of these questions then you will get everywhere similar type of answer or very common answer that you know very well or you have read already.

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But I bet you, if you read this article completely and very carefully then you no need to search again anywhere the answer of “how to run a tech Blog successfully” on web. Because today in this article 8 best and expert Bloggers are revealing the top secret of running a successful technology blog.

Experts advice: How to run a tech blog successfully

I am so much pleased to connect with all these expert and popular blogging personalities. I hope you will also get in touch with them and their blogs to grab more inspirable information. Now without wasting your time, let’s see what these expert Bloggers say about – How to run a technology Blog successfully?

The Secrets of Running a Successful Tech Blog

ony john on zerodollartips 


Tony John (

 Success is a very abstract term, which can mean different things to different bloggers. For many of them, it still means what it was meant to be about a decade ago – get self-satisfaction by expressing the thoughts through online media, while many others consider it as just another business.

The first group of people would call it a success when they get satisfaction from their blogs. I think in this case, we are discussing the second group of people, who run blogging as a business. So, let us talk about it.

In order to get revenue from a blog, you need traffic. In most cases, the revenue is directly proportional to traffic. So, ultimately, the goal of a blogger is to get traffic to their blogs

In case of technical blogs, there are lot of competition and challenges. Technology keeps changing radically but whenever something comes up, hundreds of tech bloggers would compete to cover the topic in their own way. Maintaining uniqueness to your topics is a big challenge in this case.

My primary advice for tech bloggers is to spend enough time researching the details of the topic instead of covering only the high level abstract information which hundreds of other bloggers would be doing. Even if it takes some extra time, if you get into the details and provide in-depth information, you will get loyal readers for your blog.

Your goal should be to become an authority in your niche, which will help you get a lot of backlinks to your blog from other blogs and also get higher traffic from search engines. Stay away from excessive link building, forum commenting etc. Any such excessive SEO approaches could kill your blog in the long run.

imran uddin on zerodollartips 


Imran Uddin (

 Technology blogs have a lot of competition these days and if you are just writing normal content then you won’t be successful. If you want to be successful in tech blogging you must come up with outstanding content.

Some people ask me that few bloggers write normal content even though they rank well in google. But honestly speaking the bloggers who write normal content may rank for few days in Google due to Google Honeymoon effect which won’t last longer. So, you must always come up with some extraordinary stuff to stand out from the competition.

The best example of the same is Amit Agarwal from, Harsh Agarwal from are best examples of writing outstandingly well content for their readers. I implement the same on my blog as well.

kulwant nagi on zerodollartips



Kulwant Nagi (

Getting into technology is the easiest way to start blogging and almost 90% of the newbies start their career by writing about tech niche only.

But starting a blog and getting success with it are two totally different thing. So I have seen almost 80% newbie bloggers getting failed to drive traffic in this niche.

Here are my suggestions for newbies:

1. If you want to write in tech niche then find a problem and provide solution with your articles.

It might be “How to make a bootable pendrive for Linux Mint”

By writing such articles you are not only making it a solution oriented blog but people are going to love your blog as well and going to recommend it to their friends.

2. Don’t write reviews like “Samsung Galaxy S5 Review“, “Nokia Lumia Review” or anything because most of the big blogs write about such things and people love to read such blogs only.

You have 2 options:

(a) Either make it a big blog by investing at least 2 years.

(b) Or don’t write such articles in starting days.

3. You cannot survive without backlinks. So rather than wasting your time to find blogs with dofollow comments, start doing some good guest posts on related blogs.

4. Getting success in technology niche is 95% dependent on the team behind that blog. So if you are thinking to make it a popular by running at your own then you are still living in old age.

atish ranjan on zerodollartips



Atish Ranjan (

Running a technology blog is not an easy task because it needs to be updated with fresh content multiple times a day. In my opinion below mentioned are the needs in order to maintain and running a tech blog successfully:-

1. You need to check out all the news websites online to stay updated with the latest tech news so that you can share those technology updates on your blog. Google news, Yahoo news, techcrunch are the best to be followed.

2. You should have either some technology background or have interest in tech so that you can write things better. Just simple writing and writing tech stuff are totally different. To write good tech posts you should be a techie.

3. Building better social assets: You need to build social profiles and build huge follower base out there so that you can drag huge social media traffic to your blog even when Google is not giving you much traffic.

4. As you are running a tech blog, at times you need to write reviews of Apps and software, then don’t just write from reference rather use that particular software or app and then write an honest review with screenshots you have taken.

5. Most important, never miss to build backlinks. Go out and build some quality backlinks to give your blog a boost in SERP. It is very important because there are a hell lot of tech blogs out there so competition is fierce. Therefore link building can play a major role to put your articles on top of others.

Note: Most important thing is content so focus more on writing good content so that you can build regular user base to your blog.

bishal biswas on zerodollartips



Bishal Biswas (

 Running a successful technology based blog isn’t much of great concern.


As because, it’s same as of the other niches. But what it differs is: You’re required being super conscious regarding it. While technology is evolving within matter of minutes, it’s a duty for the tech blogger keeping his/her reader up-t0-date to the latest technology and one can immensely gain popularity through it.

What I’d be recommending is to: 1. Write contents that engage, that’s for what your readers come to. 2. Dig more information, experiment it, and share your views regarding it. 3. Before you teach, learn at the beginning, and then share your experience in a form of case-study.

Content matters a lot, and without it you’d not be able to survive.

nirmala santhakumar on zerodollartips



Nirmala Santhakumar (

Technology is a popular & competitive niche in blogosphere. I’m an engineering graduate with electronics background and it has make me to select a tech niche to blog . To run a successful tech blog, we have to follow some strategies like dedication, consistency, marketing and uniqueness.

Tech bloggers should stop focusing on making money during their initial phase; instead it would be good to concentrate on making their blog social. Once a tech blog has grown up, it would have a lot of paid posts and product reviewing opportunities to mint huge income.

Like other blogging niches, forming an active community with like-minded people will help in blog’s growth. Writing about basic, useful and recent tech stuffs also aid us to run a successful blog.

reginald chan on zerodollartips



 Reginald Chan (

 In order to really start a blog successfully, you got to know several things such as who are your audience and what you’ll be blogging about. Technology is a pretty fast niche.

Therefore, you got to link yourself to sites related with technology to really get quick updates. Since this is a fast moving industry, remember that gone are the days where you write long articles. Write shorter ones (roughly between 600 to 800 words) and make sure you provide some serious punch in terms of information.

Also, start a mailing list as soon as possible. That’s vital and don’t blast out email on a daily basis. Do maybe the top 5 article recaps on every Sunday etc. That would work.

mi muba on zerodollartips



 Mi Muba (

Ours is an age of fast-pace technological advancement. If you want to start a blog on technology you must have following general qualities in addition to your blogging skills.

  • Vast knowledge of the field of technology most importantly what has already been introduced and invented in it. Not in deep details but you should have slight idea of it.
  • Your ability to be updated on latest developments as and when they are happened
  • Your skills to select the most relevant info that your target audience needs
  • Your expertise in technology niche to convert the techie terms and info into easy to understand and simple words
  • Your tendency as being techie and deep interest in this field.

First predefine your audience:

First decide for whom you want to blog. There are three objectives of people to seek technology info

1. To ease and comfort their life

2. To get solutions of their various problems through products and services related to technology

3. To be updated on latest technological development

First type is your most attractive audience. They will simply buy your products and services because they just want to ease their life.

The second type is equally important. They search extensively products and services to solve their various technology related problems. For example management of email list is a solution of the problem of a dispersed email list. So you can sell them a service or plug-in to manage their email list.

Third type comprises of your competitors, your juniors and your follower. They are related directly or indirectly with technology industry. So you can also sell them to make them sell to their own target audience.

How to bring your predefined target audience at your blog? The key sources to bring your predefined target audience at you blog are:

  • Keywords of technology niche
  • Technology groups at social media
  • Technology forums
  • Through your quality comments at technology blog

What types of contents are best to bring your predefined target audience?

This is the most important point. It is a wrong practice that many bloggers just publish text-based posts over posts at their technology blog. You must remember; majority of your target audience of technology niche:

  • Does not like detailed posts
  • Prefers images and videos over written words
  • Wants to-the-point info without any unnecessary details.

For this purpose you need make a good mix of your contents with:

  • Videos as this is the best way to give complete demo of the product
  • Podcast because many apps lovers like to listen while driving or enjoying music
  • Infographics to retain the level of interest of the readers with to-the-point info linked with images
  • Text post; their importance cannot be overlook because written words if created skilfully can equally put great impact but their abundance is not good.

To run a technology blog, rest of the requirements is same as you need to run a blog on any other niche. It includes:

  • Contents
  • SEO
  • SMO
  • Monetization

On above four points you can read hundreds and hundreds of posts available online so it would be wastage of time and space to repeat them here.

Author’s view (Amit Kumar)  Tech blogging is not about what you think or what you want to share with the people. It’s all about what people want to know from you and your blog. If you are full-filling their hope by providing appropriate solution of all those technology questions or the steps by step process that they wish to know then you are on the perfect track of technology Blogging and you will get sure success.

People’s problems + your solutions = Technology Blogging

Hey lovely reader, Please…please share your view with us through comments. I would love to know your thought about – Is this article helpful for you? Or if yes then what tips and tricks you are going to apply on your Tech blog? We are waiting for your lovely comments.

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