How to Get Great Reviews for Your Business using Neil Patel’s Methods

Are you looking for the best strategies to get good reviews for your business? Learn how to get great reviews for your business using Neil Patel’s methods.

If you’re looking to close more leads and bring in more revenue, you can’t ignore the importance of customer reviews. Actually, even if you don’t care about increasing your revenue, you’d do well to keep reading, because ignoring customer reviews can actively kill a thriving business.

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As people increasingly turn to the internet for advice on what businesses are best and most trustworthy, the data shows that your company’s reviews can make or break their ability to attract patrons.

One recent study found that nearly two-thirds of consumers peruse reviews on Google before visiting a business, while 94% indicate that they’ve avoided a business after seeing a negative review.

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So how do you get more positive reviews for your business? And how do you ensure that they’ll be positive? Just providing good service and reliable products isn’t always enough, because many people won’t think to do it on their own.

Neil Patel, one of the most respected influencers in the marketing industry, has shared his own strategy for getting more great reviews for your business. And he should know – he has helped hundreds of Fortune 500 and other businesses improve their online reputations.

Here’s a step-by-step process to replicating Patel’s success, so you can get great reviews for your business.

Method 1: Ask for a Review

As Neil himself notes, everyone feels awkward about asking for a review, but there’s no reason why you should. When Patel gets reviews for Neil Patel Digital, his own agency, he asks outright, in a one-to-one format.

If anyone compliments you on your business, seize the moment and ask them to place a review for you. It turns the warm glow of a compliment into a profit booster.

Don’t forget that your employees are a powerful channel for collecting customer reviews. You can’t incentivize customers to leave a review, but you can incentivize your employees to ask for one. Your employees have plenty of opportunities to gather reviews, whether it’s over the counter, in response to a customer service query, or during a support call.

Method 2: Pick the Right Review Platform

Neil Patel’s first step for getting great reviews is to make sure that you’re on the right review platforms. The three most influential places for reviews are Facebook, Yelp, and Google My Business. Together, they have almost 300 million visitors every month, so these are sites worth targeting.

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Method 3: Make it Frictionless

If you want people to leave reviews, you have to make it easy for them. That means setting up your business to accept reviews on each of these three sites. If they have to do more than click once, write a review, and click to submit it, they’ll give up.

 Prepare Facebook

First, check that your business’ account uses a template that permits reviews. The ‘default business’ template is fine. Then, make sure that your review tab is turned on and visible, so that visitors can quickly see where and how to leave a review

 Stake Out a Presence on Yelp

Yelp doesn’t permit you to ask for reviews, but you can direct your customers to check you out on Yelp. Register a profile there, claim your business, and get your Yelp badge. Display it prominently on your site, and whenever you interact with customers, encourage them to visit your Yelp profile.

 Set Up Google My Business

It’s super simple to visit Google My Business and follow the online instructions to claim your business there.

Now you’re ready to start gathering reviews.

Method 4: Respond to Your Reviews

The process doesn’t end when the reviews come in. You should read your consumer reviews and respond to them whenever it’s appropriate. Some 53% of consumers expect businesses to respond to their reviews, and 89% read business responses to bad reviews.

Checking and replying to reviews gives you a chance to mitigate the damage of the bad ones and share the love from the good ones.

 Maximize Your Good Reviews

You earned your good reviews, so make the most of them! Imitate big corporations by posting customer testimonials on your website. When you add a positive user review to your landing page, it makes 83% of consumers view your business as more trustworthy.

Take the best reviews and sprinkle them across your business site, so that other customers will read them without having to search for them.

 Reply to Bad Reviews

According to Neil, bad reviews give you an opportunity to respond politely and calmly to a customer’s negative experience. Explain the circumstances that caused the customer’s complaint, apologies, and/or share your company policy for when something goes wrong.

Do what you can to correct the situation, and then ask the customer if they’d consider changing their review. Sometimes this can raise a terrible review to a simply poor review.

Method 5: Resist the Temptation to Buy Reviews

No matter how awesome your product is, only a small fraction of your happy customers will take those steps and post reviews praising your business, so it can be tempting to supplement that activity by paying non-customers to write about you too.

But Neil reminds us that it’s a terrible idea to do anything to influence your natural customer reviews. If you don’t have any poor or mediocre reviews, consumers get suspicious that you’ve censored them and stop trusting them entirely.

Paying for fake reviews, making up reviews yourself, or bribing customers to leave a review are all serious no-nos. You could end up with a penalty fine from the FTC, getting thrown off Yelp (along with all your genuine reviews), and having destroyed your brand credibility.

It’s Within Your Power to Get More Great Reviews

With these practical tips from Neil Patel, every business can achieve more great reviews online. Simple steps like choosing the right review platform, using the right ways to request reviews, and responding well to bad reviews and amplifying good ones can bring in more genuine, positive customer reviews to boost your brand image and raise your revenue.

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