10 Best Free Teamviewer Alternative for Windows and Mac

Countless of free Teamviewer alternative for Windows operating system and Mac are available on the web that work exactly as powerful as any best remote desktop software.

As we all know, Remote access programs are one of the best way for managing and transferring files, folders from anywhere in the world. Also, it’s useful for solving problems from one end to another. The most popular remote desktop application which is utilized by majority users is called “Teamviewer” (data center, industry, company or organizations etc.

A question might be repeatedly raising in your mind that why should you require Teamviewer alternative? So the appropriate answer of this question is, Even though Teamviewer is a good choice but few people doubts about its security controls (You should be careful while setting up all functions). Also, it changes a sturdy amount for business version although it’s free for personal usage.


That’s why I’m going to show you the top 10 free Teamviewer alternatives for Windows and Mac. So, let’s scroll down to dig deep inside the article.

Top 10 Free Teamviewer Alternative

Below listed Teamviewer alternative and remote access programs are absolutely free to use for both personal and commercial use. The most interesting thing, almost all these free Teamviewer alternative are perfectly compatible with Windows operating system (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1) and Mac OS X.

Let’s see the list of top 10 best free Teamviewer alternative for Windows and Mac:

Windows Remote Desktop Connection

Did you ever notice inbuilt remote desktop application which comes with OS installation? To access this, go to Control Panel and set your router port on 3389. But it can’t handle several computers simultaneously. It’s good for starters or someone who don’t want to go for any additional software.

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Get from here: Download Windows Remote Desktop Connection

Chrome Remote Desktop

As name suggests, it’s not software rather it’s an online Google chrome extension for managing remote access online. You can do similar things with it as well. If you want tolearn how to control your Computer from iOS Device using Chrome Remote Desktop then click here!!

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Get from here: Add Chrome Remote Desktop to Chrome Browser 

Real VNC

Real VNC has both features free and paid. VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing which is an open source technology. But it’s complicated than Teamviewer during installation. It provides reliability and security with remote connection. You can connect with single or multiple PCs effortlessly.

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Get from here: Download Real VNC Remote Access and Control Software


Splashtop presents free and paid for individuals and business. Free version of Splashtop is quite good for personal procedure. Install it on your PC or Mac and use it from your iPhone or Android smartphone. This particular feature makes difference with other free remote access software. Media streaming is excellent as it has minimum latency.

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Get from here: Download Splashtop Remote Desktop Software

Log Mein Pro

LogMeIn has discontinued their free version in recent times. But still it’s a good alternative of Teamviewer with features like file transfer and accessing of local printer etc.

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Get from here: Download Log Mein Pro Remote Computer Access Program


Join.me is built by LogmeIn. It’s premium desktop remote access software for business. I recommended it for the business industry as it has instant screen sharing tool and you can add up to 250 people on a meeting. Also, it has presenter swap which helps you to share your opinion amongst the others. So, it’s the best remote application software for business industries.

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Get from here: Download Join.me Screen Sharing Tool

Ultra VNC

Ultra VNC is remote access software, developed with VNC technology. After setting up, you can work other systems. File transfer features in enabled. So, what else you need from this free version?

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Get from here: Download Ultra VNC Remote Access Tool


Mikogo is a little bit costly, but it seems that it could be excellent software for business. Its web b browser based alike above Chrome extension. No need to install. It has more features than Google Chrome extension’s remote extension.

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Get from here: Download Mikogo Screen Sharing Software

AMMYY Adminn

AMMYY ADminn is available on both free and paid. It’s a small 1 MB application. You can transfer files, chat, connect with multiple PCs through secure connections

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Get from here: Download AMMYY Adminn Remote Desktop Software

WebEx free

WebEx offers free and paid both versions. You can with anyone from any computer via the mobile app. Even, the Presenter can pass his credential to others including mouse and keyboard control. Furthermore, you can do face to face conversation chats.

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Get from here: Download WebEx free Desktop Sharing Software

I hope, you found a good collection of best free TeamViewer alternative for personal and commercial use. Feel free to share your view with us through comments. Also, please share if you know the name of any other popular free TeamViewer alternative or remote connection software for Windows and Mac OS X.