16 Best Free Network Monitoring Software for Windows 10

Analyze and monitor network traffic using these best network monitoring tools? Top 16 best free network monitoring software for Windows 10/8/7 operating system

How to know when someone else is using your internet connection? How to know how many peoples are connected to a network? How to find out when you are getting fast internet speed? How to check internet speed on computer? How to check when others are getting the good internet connection and you are not? – All these questions have one simple answer and that is “the use of network monitoring software”.

If you are an administrator then we are sure you would like to use some free tools which will help you in making your work easier. To monitor your network and internet speed test, you can use some best network monitoring tools. With the help of network monitoring software you can check the internet speed you are getting. It becomes very easy to check the activity on your entire network with the help of network monitoring software. See also: Top 5 Internet Monitoring Software

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There are many best free network monitoring software available for Windows operating system which can be used as a flexible monitoring system to monitor network traffic, check internet speed, monitor status & performance, GIS track and view, inventory management (Local and remote), WMI monitoring, agent monitoring (for all OS), graphical reporting, and much more.and if you are an administrator or are looking for good network monitoring tools, you can have a look at these 16 best network monitoring software for Windows operating system.

Top 16 Best Free Network Monitoring Tools for Windows

Undoubtedly, Network monitoring is really interesting as well as beneficial. Basically, Network monitoring is a process which uses a system that constantly monitors a computer network for slow or failing components and that clearly notifies the network administrator.

Managing a network could be a very tough task without knowing about what is happening on your network in real-time. To fix this problem, we have gathered some most powerful network monitoring tools for Windows 10 / 8 / 7 operating system to monitor the network efficiently. So, let’s have a look at the list of top 16 best free network monitoring software for Windows computers:

(1) Microsoft Network Monitor

Microsoft Network Monitor is a network monitoring software for Windows which is developed by the Microsoft Corporation. Using this software you will be able to check all the packets which are sent via your network. Using the troubleshooter, you can solve the problems which you are getting on your network.

microsoft network monitor

Some of the features which you get in this free network monitoring software are simultaneous capture sessions, 300 Microsoft and public protocols, wireless monitor mode and many others. Start the software and select the adapter which you want to use and click on New capture button. This will open a new tab which can be used for capturing all the packets which are exchanged on the network.

(2) Advanced IP Scanner

The next best network monitoring software which you use on your Windows computer is Advanced IP Scanner. As Advanced IP scanner comes with user-friendly interface it becomes extremely easy for one to use it. The software will detect all the network devices which are connected to your network.

advanced ip scanner

Using this tool, you can connect with different services such as FTP, HTTP or anything else which is enabled on your remote computer. The tool will also help you in waking up or shutting down the remote computers which are connected to the network.

(3) WireShark

Wireshark is one of the most widely used network monitoring tools for windows. There are different user interfaces which are available in this tool. Starting the software will begin capturing of the packets. The data which you have collected using Wireshark can be exported to a file so that you can analyze your network easily.


(4) OpenNMS

OpenNMS is an open source network monitoring software. There are a lot of advanced features in this tool as it will help you in finding the loopholes which are in your network. Service Assistance feature, Performance Measurement, Notification Management and automated discovery are some of the features which you get in OpenNMS.


You can also use this best network monitoring software on iPhone or iPad which will help you in analyzing your entire network on the go.

(5) Pandora FMS

Pandora FMS is an open source monitoring system which is well known for great performance and availability. Using Pandora FMS you will be able to monitor the performance of your network and manage your entire network. With a single network monitoring software free download, you will be able to monitor all the services, communications along with applications. The event correlation feature can be used to create alerts on the basis of events which are happening on different sources.

pandora fms

(6) Capsa Free Network Analyzer

If you want to monitor the packets on your network then you need to use Capsa Free Network Analyzer. Capsa best free network monitoring software allows you to troubleshoot all the network problems and analyze the packets.

capsa free network analyzer

If you like using different protocols then you will get many options with this tool as there are more than 300 network protocols available within this software. As this network management software is highly customizable, you can tweak the protocols as per your requirements.

(7) Total Network Monitor

As the name of this free network management software suggests, Total Network Monitor tool is the ultimate network monitoring software as it will analyze all the components of your network. Total network monitor comes with user-friendly interface and if you are not able to understand a particular feature of this tool you can take help of the tutorials available in the Help section.

total network monitor

(8) Nagois Network Analyzer

If you are looking for a powerful and free network monitoring software, you can use Nagois network analyzer. This software is used by a lot of professionals as it ensures that your network is up all the time. The monitoring system will help you in analyzing the network. There are many plugins which you can install in Nagois Network analyzer which will help you in monitoring the services along with applications and other metrics.

nagois network analyzer

You can select from many add-ons available for the free network monitoring software such as load distribution, data visualization, MySQL DB support etc.

(9) ZenMap

You might not like this tool by judging the looks of it as Zenmap monitors the network by taking help of GUI. There are a simple set of features available in this tool which make monitoring very easy. You can tap into different nodes, detect the version and also monitor the data flow between different nodes.


(10) Zenoss Core

Another open source network monitoring software makes to our list. Zenoss Core is used by a lot of IT professionals as it will help in monitoring all the applications which are running on your network. You can check the server status, the storage of your system.

zenoss core

The advanced statistics will help you in handling the system. Zenoss Core comes with advanced notification system which will notify you about all the events which are taking place on your network.

(11) Glasswire Network Monitoring Tool and Firewall

A simple and free network management software which comes with Firewall. The Glasswire Network Monitoring Tool is compatible with all versions of Windows operating systems. As this software comes with the firewall, you can deny the apps which you don’t want the users to use on your network.

glasswire network monitoring tool and firewall

(12) Fiddler

To make sure that the people who are registered on your network are not misusing it, you have to keep a check on the websites which they open. Fiddler is a network monitoring software free which will capture entire HTTP traffic between the computers which you have selected. You can check all the data which is being sent and received on your network (internet speed test).


The software will analyze the processes going on and will provide you detailed HTTP traffic information. The moment you launch this network monitoring software free download, the capturing of HTTP traffic will start taking place.

(13) NetworkMiner

Network Miner is a user-friendly network monitoring software free download. The software will help you in capturing all the network packets and then later on parse the data to the exact matches such as images, videos, or other files. It will help you in constructing all the events which took place earlier on your network.


With the help of keywords, you will be able to highlight all the network packets which are captured on the network. This network management software is also known as Network Forensic Analysis tool as it will help you in retrieving information like operating system, hostname and the ports which are opened from the network.

(14) PRTG Network Monitor Freeware

PRTG is a free windows network monitoring software which you can use on all the versions of Windows operating system. You can check the network usage on different protocols with PRTG. The Android and iOS version of this application will help you in monitoring the network when you are traveling.

prtg network monitor freeware

(15) Angry IP Scanner

Angry IP Scanner is a fast and friendly network scanner which will help you in keeping an eye on all the IP addresses. You can use this network monitoring tools for windows to scan the ports. Simply enter the IP address you want to scan and you will see all the hosts which are available for that IP address. Open Ports, Mac Address, and host name is what you can get with this tool.

angry ip scanner

(16) Xymon Systems and Network Monitor

The last Windows network monitoring software which makes to our list is Xymon Systems and Network Monitor. Xymon is a well-known system for monitoring servers and networks which work well whether you wish to monitor a small network with just a handful of hosts, or large networks with thousands of servers and network services.



If you are a network administrator, it is very important that you use these best network monitoring software and free network monitoring tools to keep an eye on all the activities taking place on your network. All the network management programs which we have shared can be downloaded for free.

Feel free to let us know using the comments section below – Which network management software or network monitoring software are you using to capture, analyze, test internet speed, and monitor network traffic?

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