How to Recover Hard Drive Data without using Free Data Recovery Software

Do you want to learn how to recover deleted files from hard drive for free? Here’s how to recover hard drive data without using free data recovery software.

Several instances can cause you to lose the most important information you had stored in the memory of your drive. Typically, there are two causes of data loss.

The first one results from physical damage and is the hardest form of data to recover. Even if you try using the free hard drive recovery program to get your data back, your efforts will deem futile unless you take the device to a company that can set the broken pieces back together and has your data back.

The next damage that can cause data loss in a hard drive results from a very logical problem and here there are high chances of getting your deleted or lost data back especially if you use top free data recovery software. Files here are lost through accidentally deleting it or even through formatting.

how to recover hard drive data

Now that you are reading through this article, I’m certain that you are aware that deleted files do not completely disappear from the computer memory.

The freeware data recovery program availed in multiple platforms are normally used as tools to appropriately recover the lost data. When files are deleted or formatted, they are just left by the operating system to be overwritten.

A piece of common advice to the majority of people looking for free data recovery software for pc, or any other device, is to look for suitable software online.

Many people are not aware that they can be able to perform free hard drive recovery at the comfort of their machines. A fact is errors may occur recovering hard drive data free and by doing it personally without any software you will be saved a greatly.

Below is a detailed guide of a best free data recovery means that will help have your data back; using a hex editor.

Before you begin the journey of recovering your precious data, just be aware that that changing file clusters inappropriately can cause permanent loss of data. So you should be keen, and as a safer measure, do not use this when dealing with valuable information.

What are the Requirements?

To be on the right track to recover files from formatted hard drive free using a hex editor, you will require the following components:

  • A device like a Personal Computer (PC) that will act as the host of the retrieval.
  • Any hex editor is available. Research and choose the best one for you.
  • Another storage device in which you will copy the required data.
  • You should have the name of the lost file.
  • Lastly but not least, you must be able to access the device which contains the lost information. The drive must have lost information for it to work.

With all the mentioned requirements in place, power on your computer and plug in your two drives to recover files from external hard drive mac free, or on any other device you are searching. Then these steps follow:

⭐ Cluster chain scan

⭐ Identifying the cluster chains with lost data

⭐ Recovery of the deleted data

Cluster Chain Scan

Do you remember the name of your file as it had earlier been mentioned above?

Using the search in-build bar in the hex editor, scan for the name of the lost data. After inputting the name of the lost data, you will be returned to either value 0 or 1.

If the files are set to value 1 then the file is still present and has not been entirely removed from your device. You will then, therefore, don’t need to count yourself lucky when you find a hard drive data recovery software free.

If on the other hand, the message that greets you is 0 then the data was deleted. More from just showing you whether the files were indeed lost or not, Hex Editor will also inform you other information like the file size, compression size etc.

Identifying the Cluster Chains with Lost Data

The next requirement will be to check through all the found files until you find the file size of the same file with your original lost file. To know which is your original lost file since the files shown may be complicated to many, always check on the file before 0x00.

This is because the named file means to know that there are no further runs that exist.

Recovery of the Deleted Data

With the uphill task to get your lost file already done, the next step is to copy the deleted data back to where it should be. It is not that simple that though as here is where things get complicated. You will need to get the multiplication of the first cluster that is mentioned by the value 512. Copy the value of the resulting value to the second drive and you will get the data back.

Keep in mind however that complications do normally occur. That is the case with almost all the recovery even when using a free data recovery software for android mobiles, or free data recovery software for Windows 10. Recovery this way can take a lot of time but in the end, it is worth it.

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