Top 12 Best Free Content Delivery Network (CDN) Services

Free CDN service – Do you want to speed up your website using content delivery networks? Here’s the list of top 12 best free content delivery network services

If you are running a website or blog and are really serious about it then you need to optimize it and make sure that your website loads faster because website speed actually impacts search ranking. Although, there are plenty of different ways to optimize a website and one of the best ways is to improve page loading speed of a website.

You can minimize the CSS, javascript which you are using on your website in order to optimize it or simply use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which will automatically improve page loading speed of your website.

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content delivery network

Free content delivery network (CDN) services to speed up your website or blog. [Image source: IRIS Network]

There are countless of different content delivery network services available on the web which you can use speed up your website. You can use any best free CDN platform and improve page load speed and tweak your website for better search engine visibility.

In case, if you are not familiar with the term “CDN” or content delivery network definition then you can read next sections of this post where we will be explaining – What is (CDN) content delivery network? Why you need a CDN for your WordPress blog? What are some of the best free Content Delivery Network Services of 2016? Here we go.

What is Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

A CDN or Content Delivery Network is a system where there are distributed servers which are responsible for delivering webpages and other content to the user based on their location. With the help of content delivery network services, the loading speed of web page is minimized which helps in faster loading of a website.

content delivery networks

If the CDN which is used by a website is near to the geographical location of the user the faster will the website load. For the example: Here is the insight of connection distance without CDN and connection distance with CDN services.

content delivery network services

There are countless of premium and free content delivery networks available on the internet and we have mentioned some of the top content delivery networks in our list of best free CDN services 2016. But before that let’s know why use a content delivery network (CDN)?

Why you Need a CDN for your WordPress Blog?

There are many reasons that you need to use content delivery networks on your website. We have mentioned some of the most valuable reasons here:

  • Faster Speed: Who doesn’t want a fast loading website? If you are using best free CDN on your website then the loading speed of your website will get much faster than before.
  • Crash Resistance: Using best content delivery network (CDN) services for a blog will prevent the frequent crashing of a website. Using a good CDN on a website will decrease the crashing rate as the traffic is distributed on multiple servers unlike 100% traffic which is being diverted on a single server.
  • Better User Experience: Content Delivery Network will also improve the user experience. When we used best content delivery network (CDN) services we saw that the bounce rate of our website was decreased. There was increase in the number of page views also.
  • Better SEO: If a website loads faster it will show up in first pages of a search engine. Google and other search engines account the page load speed of a website. Make sure that your website is loading fast as it will help in displaying of search results in first pages.

Learn in details about how to improve your user’s experience in terms of speed using CDN solutions, from here.

Top 12 Best Free Content Delivery Network Services 2016

It’s always great to have your blog or website powered by a reliable Content Delivery Network. By using a good CDN platform, you will not only save bandwidth costs from your hosting providers but your website becomes amazingly fast also and tends to rank on the top in the search engines.

Many people think that content delivery network service costs too much and this is the main reason they never try to use a CDN on their website or blog. But you should know that plenty of content delivery network companies and content delivery network providers are offering free CDN services, free CDN hosting, free CDN distribution, CDN server hosting and CDN support for free these days.

Yes, you heard absolutely correct! So, if you are also one of those developers and webmasters who want to use a very reliable CDN (content delivery network) service on their website but they are not sure which CDN service providers to select from then you can have a look at our list of best free content delivery network (CDN) services of 2016:

(1) CloudFlare (Free)

CloudFlare is one of the best content delivery network (CDN) services which you can use on your blog or a website for free. CloudFlare CDN has data centers all over the world (more than 86 data centers) which ensure that you are getting fast page loading speed and the readers of your website don’t face any difficulty in accessing your website. You have to just create a free account, add the URL of your website to it and CloudFlare will provide you unique name servers and you are all set.


The most interesting thing with CloudFlare CDN is that it will never charge you for bandwidth usage and if your hosting server ever goes offline, CloudFlare content delivery network will serve a limited copy of your cached website to keep it online for your visitors.

cloudflare cdn

CloudFlare is really a great way to protect and accelerate any website online. Here are some of the most important features of CloudFlare global content delivery network:

cloudflare features

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(2) Photon by Jetpack (Free)

Photon by Jetpack is ideal for all the WordPress users. Most of the webmasters install Jetpack on their blog and Photon is one of the features which you are going to get in Jetpack. This popular plugin can be installed for free and it will help you in improving the page load speed of your blog.

photon jetpack

If your WordPress blog is having a lot of photos and text on it then we suggest you to use Photos CDN service providers. Photon is really an extremely helpful image acceleration and editing service for websites hosted on or on all the Jetpack-connected WordPress sites. You must give it a try if you want less load on your hosting server and faster images for your valuable readers.

(3) Coral CDN (Free)

Coral CDN is the next name which makes to our list of best free CDN providers. Actually, Coral CDN is a Peer to Peer based (CDN) content delivery network which is developed by MIT. You can use this (CDN) Content Delivery Network for free as it is dependent on P2P network. There are billions of computers which are connected using this service and they will help you in making your website or blog load faster.


If you are wondering how to use a CDN like the Coral Content Distribution Network, you can have a look at the tutorials which are available on the website of Coral CDN. All setup steps are pretty easy.

(4) SwarmCDN (Free)

The next CDN which makes to our list of best free CDN providers is Swarmify (formerly SwarmCDN). Basically, SwarmCDN is a new CDN service provider which you can use for free. The free plan of this CDN will give you 250 GB of free data. In our CDN providers comparison, SwarmCDN came out one of the best as it is having its servers in more than 190 countries.


The basic features of SwarmCDN are absolutely free but if you want to use its video plan or want to transfer a large amount of bandwidth then you can go for its premium plans.

(5) jsDelivr (Free)

jsDelivr is also a best free super-fast CDN for developers and webmasters. If you are using a lot of Javascript files on your website then you can use jsDelivr as you can host all the Javascript files using this service. The service will help you in minimizing the custom Javascript code which is present on your website.

jsdelivr cdn

In simple words, jsDelivr JavaScript CDN should be your first choice if you are looking for jQuery content delivery network.

(6) Google App Engine (Free)

App Engine by Google is a free CDN service which is available to all the blogs and websites. You can use Google App engine for data storage, hosting websites and running web-based applications. You will get 500 MB of free storage where you can host 10 different projects.

google app engine cdn

If you are wondering how to use a CDN by Google App Engine then you can check the Help section of Google App Engine. You need good knowledge of Python in order to setup the CDN on your website.

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We have listed this popular content delivery network under the section of free CND service, because you can get and use up to 1 TB free bandwidth with According to us, 1 TB bandwidth is enough for a website with moderate traffic and few images. If you receive high traffic then you can go for the premium packages which are offered by

cdn net is really the fast and easy way to accelerate your content and website. Instant Activation, Intuitive Control Panel, Rich Media Support, Purge And Archive, Persistent Connections, Automatic Failover, Free Shared SSL, DDOS Protector Locations, Support Included, Fingertip Reporting, Global Load Balancing etc. are some of the most valuable features of this top content delivery network.

(8) Free Cloud Storage Services

If you want to save the bandwidth of your server then you can use free cloud storage services. You can save a lot of files on different cloud storage services. As these services are available for free, it will not only help you in saving a lot of bandwidth but money also. You can share URL of all the files publicaly without any difficulty. Different Cloud storage services which you can use are mentioned below:

  • Dropbox: Dropbox Basic accounts start with 2 GB of free space and referring allows you to use up to 16 GB of additional space.
  • OneDrive: Microsoft OneDrive storage offers 5 GB for free.
  • Google Drive: Google Drive provides 15 GB of free storage to use across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos.
  • Box:  Box secure file sharing and storage platform offers 5GB of free storage space.
  • SugarSync: SugarSync cloud file sharing service offers 5GB of free Storage.
  • Bitcasa: The Bitcasa cloud storage platform just moved from free 5GB plan to a free 60-day trial storage.

(9) Incapsula

If you are ready to little amount of money on your Website security and performance then Incapsula is the best solution for you. Incapsula is one of the top level Security (CDN) content delivery networks which make any website or webpages safer, amazingly faster and more reliable.


There are two benefits of using Incapsula CDN on a website, it will help you in improving the page load speed of your website or blog and it will provide you both DDoS protection and website security. Incapsula is having a global network which ensures that you are having good uptime and your website loads faster.

(10) MaxCDN

CDN by MaxCDN is not a free CDN service but it is used by countless of the popular websites and blogs. Most of the established websites use MaxCDN as it comes with a lot of advanced features which are not available with other CDN service providers. In order to use the basic service provided by MaxCDN you have to shed out $9 per month.


According to WordPress users reviews, MaxCDN is the most reliable content delivery network provider and quite expert in offering various content delivery network services. Some of the most valuable MaxCDN content delivery network features are:

cdn by maxcdn

(11) RackSpace

The next service which makes to our list of best free CDN providers is RackSpace. This is a premium service where you have to pay for the bandwidth which is consumed by your website. Their price starts from $0.00014 for first TB.

rackspace cdn

For 10 TB of CDN bandwidth RackSpace charges $0.12. If you are having sufficient funds and are looking for the best CDN service then you should use RackSpace.


(12) Amazon AWS

Last but not the least is Amazon AWS. You can use the free trial of Amazon AWS which will provide you 5 GB of storage on the Amazon S3 server. The server can handle 2000 put requests and 20000 get requests. Amazon AWS is also quite helpful way to accelerate your cloud success with rich platform services.

amazon aws

Create an AWS Account right now and get started for free. Learn how to start using AWS in minutes.


So these are the top 12 best free content delivery network (CDN) services which you can use in order to make your website load faster. Although, you can choose any CDN service provider from the above list of best free CDN services but we would like to recommend you use CloudFlare CDN, SwarmCDN, Incapsula, Photon by Jetpack, or Coral CDN first.

If you want to really speed up your website then you need to use a good Content Delivery Network. You can have a look at CDN providers comparison reviews explained above and find out which is the best Content Delivery Network for your Blog or website.

After using a reliable and best free content delivery network service to speed up your website, you can take a web page load test (web page performance analysis) to see the effect of using free CDN solution. There are plenty of web page performance testing websites and open source page load testing tools like Google PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom, GTmetrix, WebPageTest, and KeyCDN Speed Test etc. are available to test website speed from different locations.

Use any of these websites performance optimization tools and check the page load speed of your website. Most of the website speed and performance optimization testing tools also suggest you how to improve your website’s overall speed and performance.

Stay connected with us to see more awesome guides related to content delivery networks such as: How to use CDN on WordPress websites? What are some of the most popular premium CDN Services to speed up WordPress site?

In your experience, What did you do to make your site load faster without using best free CDN providers? What kind of free content delivery network services work best?