DigitalOcean – The Best Virtual Private Server

Do you know – Why DigitalOcean is the best virtual private server? It’s because, DigitalOcean has achieved a quite popular and very renowned position (by its amazing and reliable services) in the world of VPS Server and Cloud Hosting. In simple words, you can say – DigitalOcean is very simple, fast, and scalable SSD cloud virtual servers.

Greetings lovely readers! Today you are going to get the complete details about DigitalOcean – the best virtual private server. In case you are not well familiar with the Virtual private server or VPS hosting and want to know about it then check this guide on various types of web hosting. Now you have an idea what is VPS server exactly and how much it is beneficial for you? Shall we begin the journey?

DigitalOcean is VPS cloud hosting server. If you’re not familiar that’s because it recently launched. But just after the launch company has grown immensely and right now they have 1,800,000 VPS for its 1, 60,000 users.

“Simple Cloud Hosting built for developers” – DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean: The Best Virtual Private Server

Best thing is you could experience the all features more conveniently in cloud hosting. So let’s dig deep inside to discover more features of DigitalOcean cloud server.

How DigitalOcean is the Best Virtual Private Server

The Features and Specifications of DigitalOcean will amaze you in first sight. Here are the impressive Built-in technology features:
– SSD hard drives expand your site and disk i/o performance rapidly
– DigitalOcean cloud server ping within 55 seconds
– Impressive network drive 1 GB/S
– KVM virtualization enabled for high class security and performance.
– Control panel built with powerful Hex colors with dedicated ECC Ram and RAID SSD storage
– Affordable pricing list for both starters and professionals
– 24/7 availability
– Smooth resizing of nodes
– Personal network in the data centers
– 99.99% uptime guarantee and simple API

To view the introductory video of DigitalOcean: Click here!!

Amazing features of DigitalOcean – VPS cloud server

# Pricing
You may wonder how much you should pay. Does it affordable? Can any Newbies start here? Answer is yes! Very reasonable price for the cloud based server they charge as per hour and monthly rate. Most important thing all plans are standard with SSD (solid state drives). The following price chart given below for closer look:

  • Monthly plans of DigitalOcean:
  • DigitalOcean cloud serverHourly plans of DigitalOcean:

DigitalOcean cloud hosting

# Control Panel
Resize based on load, requests or capacity. Dynamically change as your business requires more resources. Full featured DNS management allows you to easily manage your domains. Set your server to automatically be backed up or take a snapshot when you reach a milestone.

# Linux Distributions and One Click App installation
Add your favorite Linux distribution Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora and CoreOS. Popular distro also available in DigitalOcean cloud server. So just pick your app and install smoothly from “application tab” and your app will be visible in droplet just within 55 seconds.

Installation procedure made ultra-easy with DigitalOcean cloud hosting. Check out the following features:

  • Ruby on Rails: One-click install Rails and upload your app. It’s that simple. The one-click Rails image has Nginx, Unicorn, and MySQL pre-configured to serve your application at high speeds.
  • WordPress installation: Rapidly launch wordpress site within 55 seconds on this cloud server after composing a Droplet. Now you will enter into WordPress by your domain name or Droplet IP Address.
  • LAMP Stack: Set up your server with the essential of one-click LAMP Droplet. Apache, MySQL, PHP are all mounted and establish on a fresh Droplet in 55 seconds.
  • Docker: Create and run services as containers with Docker in the time it takes to spin up a server. Create lightweight, portable, self-sufficient containers from any application. Dockers craft and sprint services are as containers because it needs time for spinning up server. Make lightweight, portable and self-sufficient from any app.
  • Ghost: Ghost is a brand new launched blogging platform with splendid features. It grants the users with a simple and stylish platform for writing and blogging. So you can also create a ghost blog into 55 seconds. With DigitalOcean cloud server.


DigitalOcean cloud hosting offers 99.99% uptime guarantee. What if they unable to deliver? They will credit the exact unavailable offline time. Multiple data centers in the London, Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco and Singapore.

DigitalOcean use multi-tier-1 network transit for providing the every flair. All connections are 10 gig-E to enable that guarantee redundancy and capacity.

Trustworthy data canter providers have redundant power, onsite diesel generators and battery backups, physical security, and multiple network transit paths.

Go from here: Sign Up for DigitalOcean

Finall Verdict
According to me, DigitalOcean cloud server is noticeably appropriate source to kick start with cloud server technology. It’s quite budget friendly and very easy to handle. But DigitalOcean still need improvement like eliminating the burden of the oh-so-typical infrastructural parts and corresponding load or virtual databases with in-house resolution.

I tried to gone through every nuts and bolts of the DigitalOcean cloud hosting. Now it’s your on pick guys. What do you think about this post in which I described: DigitalOcean – the best virtual private server?

Do you think DigitalOcean is the best place to kick starts your blogging journey? I’m waiting for your considerations. If you have any suggestions or tips regarding this post then please drop your comments below.

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