CustomizerGod: The Ultimate Tool to Customize Windows

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Today again, we found very exclusive Windows software that can solve your numerous problems of customization in Windows operating system with just few simple clicks. The software is known as CustomizerGod and it’s quite popular among Windows users. Let’s know in details:

How to Customize Windows using CustomizerGod

CustomizerGod is the ultimate tool to customize Windows. The tool is from the developer of several well-known Windows customization software such as: Start Button Changer, Windows 7 Folder Background Changer, and Windows 7 Tray Icons Changer etc.

The ultimate software comes with simple user interface, but along with variety of customization options for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 operating system.

customizergod: the ultimate tool to customize windows

With the help of CustomizerGod software, you can easily customize the Windows Start button, Start menu user picture frame, General icons, Shell icons, Charms bar, Windows Explorer ribbon, volume and network tray icons, action center icons, drive icons, zip folder icons, safely remove hardware tray icon, battery icon, login screen, login screen branding, shut down Windows branding, time and date, and computer branding just with a few clicks.


The speciality of this Windows customization software is, it backs up all original system files automatically before changing them with custom ones (changes made by you).

customize windows

Addition to all these windows customization options, CustomizerGod comes with various restoring and executing options and tools like Restore all sys files using SFC, restore system files using SFC, restore system file from backup, retake system files backup, export selected resources, preview resources from backup, automatically restart explorer, Clear icon cache, Fit resize mode, and many other options too.

windows customization software

You can get these hidden options and tools by clicking on arrow button which is located at the bottom of window in right side next to the Feedback button. All these options will make your windows customization task perfect.

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Download CustomizerGod Free

After viewing its exclusive feature and options to customize Windows, we can easily reach at the conclusion that CustomizerGod is best windows customization software for all those Windows users who are looking for a free windows software for customizing Windows.

If you think that CustomizerGod can fulfill your windows customization expectation then download it right now:

Get from here: Download CustomizerGod

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