10 Incredible Content Writing Tools for Amazing Marketing

Do you want the best content writing tool for quality content creation and editing? Try out these 10 incredible content writing tools for amazing marketing.

Great writing is essential for any ambitious marketing campaign. Through quality copy, you can turn any idea or thought into something your audience can understand.

Writing does take creativity and tenacity, but there are always times where you can’t accomplish all your goals without a little assistance.

To take your writing to another level, you need the help of content writing tools. While there are essential writing rules that you have to respect, these content creation tools and content editing tools will make your life easier by letting you focus on the end result.

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Without the need for manual proofreading, you can write the best copy of your life and “mesmerize your audience.” Use these 10 amazing and powerful content writing tools for such achievements.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

Inspiration is an essential ingredient of content marketing. It’s not enough to have a wide choice of words to choose from. You need to have ideas that can put those words and skills to use. When you’re feeling uninspired and when you have no ideas left to use, seek the help of HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator.

Just by typing in a noun, you can get a myriad of blog titles, topics, and overall excellent ideas. All the titles are short, concise and interesting. They are also SEO optimized so that you can establish a better organic ranking after developing a blog around them.


Writing content is easy in most cases. All you have to do is follow your line of thought, and the ideas will soon become coherent sentences. When you’re done transforming your ideas into words, the proofreading process can be nightmarish.

Grammarly is your solution. It can be used within any text box, on any browser, including a Microsoft Office integration office. With the premium version, you can do so much more. There are style-specific pointers and tips, along with your personal dictionary, readability grading and so much more.

Hemingway App

Not all written content is the same. Depending on the audience, you have to calibrate your style and sentence length so that you can accomplish your goal. For simple and less specialized campaigns, you can’t write long, unintelligible sentences. Hemingway Editor is your solution to tone and sentence lengths.

With intelligent software, this writing tool scans your writing and lets you know if the sentences are too long. It also marks the use of adverbs and passive voice, which are known to be detrimental to the overall “atmosphere” of content. Use the Hemingway App to write in just the right tone.

Power Thesaurus

Every writer needs to have a thesaurus close by. However, Power Thesaurus is unique for several reasons. Firstly, it doesn’t just provide definitions of words and their synonyms. It also analyzes more than a billion pages on the web and gives you the words that are trending in the last few days.

What does trending mean? It means that these words have been used frequently. If you choose to utilize these words in your content campaign, you will generate more clicks and create a more appealing copy.

Etymology Online

What does etymology have to do with writing?

A lot, actually! There are often situations where writers don’t understand how a word is spelled or why is it spelled that way. In a lot of cases, the Online Etymology Dictionary greatly influences the shape and development of a word.

Whenever you’re unclear about spelling, type in any English word in the search bar and pretend to be blown away. With Etymology Online, you can also find alternatives, synonyms and interesting facts about word origin.

College Paper

If you’re in need of custom content, College Paper is one of the best writing tools available. In terms of subjects and niches, they’re not specialized. Instead, they have a team of writers with MA and PhDs that can undertake any writing task. You can choose the subject, the length of the project, as well as the delivery date all by yourself.

What makes College Paper such a reliable source of content is the fact that you can always track the progress with the customer service center. If something is not akin to your wishes, you can always request changes – for free!

My Assignment Writing

This particular agency employs a large number of specialized assignment writers. Each team is tasked with overseeing projects from a particular niche, meaning that you have a whole team of people writing your content.

Every marketer encounters a moment where they can’t produce all the content themselves. In such cases, My Assignment Writing can be a great solution for both one-time assignments and long-term plans.

If you’re, for example, planning a new outbound marketing strategy, you can order a number of blogs for the same purpose. To motivate first-time buyers into trying their service, My Assignment Writing is offering 14% off your first order. It’s a great chance to test their specialized teams and their skills.

Paper Writing Pro

Content marketing in 2019 requires a lot of work. There are many subjects that your audience wants you to write about. Sometimes, it’s impossible to meet all the demands that you face on a daily basis.

With services like Paper Writing Pro, you can order custom content related to any possible subject. Whether it is a blog post based on analytics or a commentary on recent events in your industry, Paper Writing Pro can get it done.

In addition to ordering custom content, Paper Writing Pro provides proofreading services. For many marketers, this is a blessing come true. In the midst of a hectic period of content creation, it can be impossible to monitor all the spelling mistakes and grammar-related errors. For a reasonable price, you can ensure your content is “spotless.”

Pro Essay Writing

Marketing campaigns are incredibly tasking, as they require you to worry about a myriad of things all at once. Using a paper essay service to order custom copy will word wonders, simply by decreasing your overall workload. Once you’re sure that your content is in good hands, you can pay attention to other, more complex forms of content marketing.

Pro Essay Writing provides you with writers experienced in both marketing and academic writing. They can meet any demands, conditions, and deadlines. Through a form on their website, you can place an order and even communicate with a dedicated writer for additional demands. It’s easy and reasonable – everything a writing tool should be.

UK Best Essays

What makes UK Best Essay such a popular content writing tool is their specialization for urgent assignments. You can order any type of content, and it can be delivered back to you in as much as 3 hours. For bigger assignments and content projects, you can directly communicate with your writer to make sure everything is resolved.

The payment process is safe and only processes through a safe checkout system. All you have to do is fill out a form, pick your order and add additional demands and preferences. So far, they’ve delivered more than 100.000 orders in their almost 20 years of experience.

Concluding Thoughts

Using these content writing tools, you can make even the most daunting content writing tasks much easier. Combine them and use them at the right moment. After just a short period of time using these content creation tools and content editing tools, results will be evident.

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