How to Change Ringtone on Microsoft Lumia 535

Do you want to change ringtone in Microsoft Lumia 535 smartphone? Or want to set mp3 as ringtone in Lumia 535 Windows phone? If “yes” then this Windows phone tutorial is just dedicated to you.

Microsoft Lumia 535 is the first Microsoft – branded Windows Phone which has released few months earlier. After the release of this brand new Windows phone, Microsoft released several other new Lumia phones but from all of them the Microsoft Lumia 535 Windows smartphone received more appreciation from the users.

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microsoft lumia 535

From past few days, we received many emails and comments in which most of the Microsoft Lumia 535 users are asking very simple and similar questions:

  • I am unable to change ringtone on Microsoft Lumia 535, how to do?
  • How can i use a MP3 song as ringtone on my Microsoft Lumia 535?
  • How to set any song as ringtone on Microsoft Lumia 535?
  • I want to add custom ringtones to Lumia 535, please help!!
  • How to set mp3 as ringtone in Microsoft Lumia 535?
  • Cannot select my mp3 as ringtone in Lumia 535 Windows Phone, what to do?

If you are also facing the same problem on your Microsoft phone then this tutorial will help you to change ringtone or set any song as ringtone in Microsoft Lumia 535. Here’s how:

Change Ringtone on Microsoft Lumia 535

Microsoft has made a little change in the way of changing ringtone in all new Lumia smartphones. If you have already tried to add your own tones or your favourite song as ringtone then you must be noted that when you go to “ringtones + sounds” option under the “All Settings” then you see that there isn’t any option available to add Custom ringtones. Only default ringtones of Windows Phone are available there.

Even, you can’t set any song as ringtone just by right-clicking on it. In order to change ringtone (set your own mp3 as ringtone) on Microsoft Lumia 535, you will have to add new ringtones from your PC to your phone.

If you want to add custom ringtones to your Microsoft Lumia 535, follow the below mentioned steps carefully and enjoy your favourite music as your Windows phone ringtone. Let’s see:

Step (1): First of all, Connect your Microsoft Lumia 535 Windows phone to your PC with a USB cable.

connect phone to pc

Step (2): Now, Browse files of your phone on the PC. Open Ringtones folder and add your own tones, MP3 music, or your favourite song (which you want to use as a ringtone) to that folder.

change ringtone

Step (3): Once, you added your own tones or mp3 songs to the Ringtones folder successfully. Remove the USB cable.

Step (4): Now on the Windows phone, click ALL SETTINGS option.

how to change your ringtone

Step (5):  After that select ringtones + ‎sounds option.


Step (6): On ringtones + ‎sounds page, click on Ringtone.

custom ringtones

Step (7): Just after the click, you will see that all the tones or mp3 songs you have added in Ringtones folder are now present under Custom section.

how to change ringtone in microsoft lumia 535

Step (8): Now, you can easily set them as your ringtone. Select your favourite song and enjoy. That’s it!

Thus, you can see how simple is to change ringtone or set a custom ringtone to Microsoft Lumia 535. Try it on your Microsoft phone and feel free to share your view with us through comments.

Freely ask us if you are facing any other problems in your Microsoft Lumia 535 windows smartphone. We would help you as soon as possible by trying our best.

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