Top 12 Best Free Music Download Sites of All Times

Download Free Music: what are the best free mp3 download sites to download free music? See the list of top 12 best free music download sites of all times

The internet is full of possibilities. You can download anything from the internet and keep it stored on your computer, mobile phone or tablet so that you can watch it later on.

There are various interesting ways which you can use to download whatever you want to download from the internet. However, there are some legal ways and some illegal ways. If you use the wrong practices then you might even land up in jail as you have committed a crime.

best free music download sites of all times

If you love listening to music and want to download free music you will find a lot of mp3 music download websites from where you can download music legally and for free. In today’s mp3 songs free download guide, we are going to share the list of top 12 best music download sites to download free music legally.

12 Best Music Download Sites to Download Free Music

All these free music download sites are well renowned for free music downloads legally and containing huge collections of free mp3 songs for every taste. The speciality of these free music downloading sites are, you can get the best music of every genre, regions, languages, artists, and popular albums.

So, if you are looking for some best legal and free mp3 download sites or free music download websites to download free music for your desktop computers, laptops, iPod, or Smartphones etc. then check out the below-explained list of top 12 best free music download sites of all times:

(1) Amazon MP3

Amazon MP3 ( is the first best website which makes to our list of free music download websites. Amazon MP3 is one of the best free mp3 download sites for downloading music free and legally. You can use Amazon online shopping site not only to purchase good products but also for downloading your favorite songs.

free music download sites

There are both free and paid songs available on Amazon MP3. If you don’t feel like paying for the songs, you can listen to songs for free on Amazon MP3. The website is having a huge collection of free songs belonging to different genres which are uploaded in high quality.

(2) SoundCloud

SoundCloud ( is the second best website which makes to our list of free music download sites. You can use the SoundCloud website not only to download free music but also listen to songs online. Even, this online free music streaming site allows artists to upload their compositions for free.

download free music

There are no limits with SoundCloud as you can stream as many as songs you want to stream. Some mp3 songs are available for free downloading while you have to pay to download some songs from SoundCloud because it has some really amazing collections of new songs.

(3) Jamendo

The next website is Jamendo. Jamendo ( is one of the best free music download sites where you can browse for your favorite songs without any interruptions. The website is having a huge collection of indie artists and aspiring singers.

free mp3 download sites

There is no catch with Jamendo as the website can be used to stream and download as many as songs one want to. A lot of singers have uploaded their tracks for free in Jamendo. There are more than 460,000 songs available for free music downloads legally which you can do from Jamendo.


QTRAX ( is also a well-known music platform which you can use for free music downloads legally. The songs of all the artists are uploaded on this website which users can download later on. The best thing with QTRAX music site, there is no requirement of subscribing to any services.

best free music download sites

Only, you just have to download the QTRAX player and start listening to the songs. Some of the most interesting features which are offered by this QTRAX music website are unlimited free music downloads, radio streaming, and unlimited collection.

(5) PureVolume

The next website which adds to the list of free music download sites is Pure Volume ( The website is both for the listeners and the producers. Artists are able to upload their songs on the website for free of cost. If you are an artist you will get your own profile which you can use to upload your songs.

free music downloads legally

Listeners can even message to the artists if they liked their songs. It depends on the artist if he wants the users to download the songs uploaded by him or not, however you can listen to all the songs which are uploaded on PureVolume for free.

(6) NoiseTrade

What makes NoiseTrade ( one of the best free music download sites is the huge collection of tracks by different artists from all across the world. You can consider NoiseTrade as one of the biggest social networks for all the artists out there. According to me, NoiseTrade is one of the best free mp3 download sites for both Artists and listeners.

free music download websites

Artists can upload their songs which they have produced for free and listeners can download them without paying a single penny. If you liked any particular song, you can donate some money to the artist behind that track. With just a single click, you can download your favorite songs on NoiseTrade.

(7) SoundOwl

SoundOwl ( has a huge database of tracks from some of the best artists. You will get songs from old as well as new artists on Soundowl. Soundowl helps in connecting all the bloggers, music producers, listeners at a single place. You can share the music you created or download free music of whatever genre you want to download from SoundOwl.

free music downloading sites

If you are not the original artist and shared something which belonged to someone else, it will get deleted as SoundOwl is having its DMCA policy which restricts sharing what is not yours. This is one of the most interesting reasons that Soundowl is one of the best free music downloading sites.

(8) Free Music Archive

The next free mp3 music download site is Free Music Archive ( When you will open the website for the first time you might not like the user interface of this website however the features, songs which are offered by free music archive are amazing. You can not only download your favorite songs, albums from Free Music Archive but also create your own personalized playlist which you can stream.

mp3 songs free download

Many artists have uploaded their playlists which have their best tracks which you can listen to. If you want to download your favorite songs you don’t even have to register on Free Music Archive. So, if you are looking for a best music downloads site to download free music without registration then Free Music Archive is an appropriate choice for you.

(9) Internet Archive

Internet Archive ( is not only a free mp3 download site, but it has everything available for free. You can download whatever you want to download for free from Internet Archive. The site has a search option where you can enter the query and you will be presented with the results.

mp3 music download

You can then select whatever songs you wish to listen or download for free to using Internet Archive. The only thing you might notice is that the categories of music are clustered, which is one downside of Internet Archive.

(10) Soundclick

Soundclick ( is another interesting and one of the most well-known mp3 songs free download websites to download free music. There are a limited number of songs stored on Soundclick as compared to other websites. It depends on the artists if they have given the permission to download their tracks of not on Soundclick.

free mp3 music download sites

Not only you will be able to download the songs of new artists on Soundclick, but also established artists have uploaded their tracks which you can purchase and download from Soundclick. If you are having some bucks to spare and want to have your name as the artist written on it you can purchase its rights too.

(11) ( is not only a free mp3 download website, but is an online internet radio. Using this radio station you can listen to the local radio channels. The website offers mp3 songs free download of the tracks you are listening to. The collection of is not vast, but the tracks which are uploaded on this website are amazing.

best sites for downloading free music

You will discover some of the best artists on Last.FM In order to listen to the FM radio stations or songs on The most interesting thing, you don’t need to register for an account. Even if you want to download songs from the website you can download them without registering. With a single click on Download button, you will be able to download your favorite tracks.

(12) Vimeo

We have reached the end of our list and Vimeo ( is the last mp3 songs free download website. Vimeo is popular for all the videos which are uploaded on it, but you can also download songs from this website. You can access the music store of the website where you can listen to all your favorite songs, download them if you want to. The website is having the search feature which you can use if you want to find any particular song.

Best music download sites to download free music

If you are only looking for free songs to download or listen to, you can type creative commons and search on Vimeo. The songs can be downloaded for free which fall under the Creative commons tag however you need to register for an account and login before you start downloading. You can use Vimeo not only on PC but also use it on Android and iOS devices as Vimeo is having a mobile app for Android and iOS smartphones.

If you want to enjoy listening to your favorite music or mp3 songs, you can download it from these 12 best free music download sites which we have shared. We would suggest you to only download music legally as the artists have put their hard work on these tracks, because if you are downloading songs illegally you might even end up in jail.

Please, feel free to share with us using the comments section below – which popular free mp3 download sites are you currently using to download music legally on your computer, Android smartphones & tablets and iOS devices? Or, Did we miss any best free music download sites which you are using to download songs?

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