Top 10 Benefits of Using Technology in the Classroom

Want to know if Technology is a bonus or a distraction in the classroom? Here are top 10 benefits of technology in the classroom to understand its importance.

If you want to grasp the positive effects of technology in the classroom then focus on the benefits of using technology in the classroom for teachers and student first.

This guide will clarify what are the top 10 benefits of technology in the classroom.

The classroom is now a hive of new technology, and the traditional structure that has been in place for generations has almost disappeared. Students from Primary school to University are learning in an entirely new way to their grandparents and even their parents.

benefits of technology in the classroom

Does replacing the way the 3R’s are taught with new technology help education or is it all just a whole bunch of gizmos?

Top 10 Benefits of Technology in the Classroom

Compared to the stifling boredom of endless chalk scratchings on a blackboard, today’s technology student is definitely on a winner.

Let’s see the list of top 10 benefits of using technology in the classroom and find out why technology in the classroom is hitting all A’s.

No Cookie-Cutter Lessons

Before the computer entered the classroom, teaching delivered mainstream programs, with no room for variations. Trying to give attention to individual students severely disturbed the teaching flow for the designated lesson.

New technology has introduced a huge number of ways to overcome this stilted one-dimension program delivery.

Data collection in real time, rather than end-of-term reports and annual assessments, now allow tailored remedial solutions on a daily basis. It’s easy to measure and track a student’s progress and then chart a suitable pathway for the term or yearly. Classrooms are now flowing with flexible learning.

Teachers Lighten Up

Traditionally teachers had to do a tremendous amount of written prep time. They were burdened with manually preparing, delivering and assessing lessons within time constraints.

Teaching institutions now provide pre-programmed learning modules, real-time streaming lessons, and multi-media learning aids. This allows a more interactive experience for the teacher and great response satisfaction.

Many teachers comment on how new technology has let them be educators again by freeing up their time.

Carry on Learning

A peculiar thing has happened to Education. It has become immensely portable!

The school, classroom, and library can now be replaced by a hand-held smartphone. A flight delay means setting up your laptop and finishing a course project in the airport lounge.

Finding the perfect dissertation service can be done while you squeeze in a muffin-break. Roaming nomads can attend a lecture streaming from a far-away college!

Technology has removed the chaos that happens when you physically can’t be present at the seat of learning.

Prestige University Degree without Hanging out on the Campus

One of the biggest revolutions in the history of education occurred when the closed doors of the most prestigious Universities were flung open to an unheard-of concept: A degree without attending the Ivy-clad buildings!

Harnessing everything AI and other learning aids can offer, higher education is now available to a world-wide range of students.

Real Time Project Experiences

Traditional learning is static when it comes to visuals or aural sensations. Grandparents will recall the tedious flat board weekend project which involved glue and scissors, stacks of magazines and hours of research.

But plug in a group of bored teenagers into creating a multi-media project, and you have a new dimension of the learning experience with this more exciting use of tech in the classroom.

Adult Learning

As technology advances so quickly, Adult Learning has become a new extension of education.

Today it means checking in online to update your skills, taking company-required training or going back to University to advance your career path.

New technology offers an easier pathway for Adult Learning than ever before. It can be done at home without the need for attending lectures on-site. Groups and teams can be coordinated through sophisticated communication platforms for shared learning.

You are guaranteed to be part of this educational technology sometime in your life, so don’t be surprised to find yourself a student once again!

You need to have a well-thought-out plan to tackle advance learning if your day is filled with work. Time management is vital in keeping up with assignments deadlines. Adult students find this the most challenging, as they have so many other commitments calling on their time.

Outsourcing your writing tasks to the best dissertation services or find a helper who can someone write my research paper is a good start. Calling help for home tasks or taking some annual leave time are ways of keeping up. It’s projected that most people will find their job descriptions will change at least three times during their career paths.

Remembering More Stuff

According to UNESCO bringing new tech in the classroom adds a better learner experience “Educational multimedia has the potential of fostering learners’ deep approach to learning and consequently deep learning”.

Click Here for Class

One of the most innovative learning aids is the “Clicker” It provides instant feedback to the teacher as to how the students are responding and understanding the lesson. Previously the teacher had no connection to student comprehension except for testing or verbal questioning.

Students interactively respond with feedback to a series of multiple-choice questions by clicking their preference. The teacher can pace by reviewing the material if needed or move forward with the class. “Clickers set the stage for greater participation and engagements,” says teaching expert Derek Bruff, Vanderbilt University.

Time Out

One of the biggest impacts of new technology in education is reduced learning time. Inter-active subject modules, such as reading and math games have streamlined learning sessions.

Compilation of information online compared to traditional textbook sourcing is faster. Education seats are realizing lengthy degree courses are not keeping pace with the need for qualified workers, and are re-bundling to shorter courses.

Attention all Students

Giving kids an hour of color, bright graphics and moving stuff have helped solve the frustration of teachers everywhere. Their students hang in and pay more attention to learning.

The motivation for More Education

The ease of learning through new technology has seen a high motivation for people to actually increase their education. The traditional pathways are time consuming and rigid. But being able to work at your own time and pace has proved to be a fantastic benefit.

So these are the top 10 benefits of using technology in the classroom for teachers and students. Feel free to let us know about the different kind of technologies used in the classroom that you have personally experienced in your class.

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Sandra Hayward is an Education writer who has worked in a variety of learning institutions worldwide. She has written for Academic Journals and Teaching Manuals. She is currently researching the effect of AI on traditional reading materials in the classroom.

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