Why is My Android Phone Charging Slow and Dying Fast?

Do you want to know why is my phone charging slow and dying fast? Learn the reasons for slow charging android and android battery draining fast.

Why is my Android charging so slowly? Why is my Android battery draining too fast all of a sudden?

These are the most frequently asked questions on the Internet because almost everyone feels irritated at some point whenever they start experiencing slow charging and fast battery draining issues on their Android devices.

Good smartphones come with powerful hardware and high-resolution displays which eat a lot of battery resources. That’s the main reason almost all people love having and using the mobile phone with longest battery life.

android phone charging slow
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One of the most important concerns of buyers these days who are looking to get hands on a new smartphone is battery backup.

A smart buyer always prefers buying best battery backup smartphone and smartphone with longest battery life. But what to do if you have already purchased an Android phone and after few months of use, it is started to charge very slowly and battery draining fast.

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Why is My Phone Charging Slow and Dying Fast?

If your Android phone is not charging properly (or it is taking a lot of time to get charged) and phone battery dying so fast all of a sudden then you need to figure out a solution to get the most life from your battery on Android.

As we all know, specific android settings and apps that use too much battery are the most basic reasons that your android phone charges very slowly and android battery drains so fast.

We can’t think that the battery of our phone is worn off as it is taking a lot of time to get charged. There could be other reasons as well which might lead to slow charging android phones and fast battery drain problems on Android devices.

Today, we have listed some of the most effective reasons here. So, let’s have a look at the reasons why is my Android phone charging slow and dying fast:

Reason #1: Faulty Charging Cable

One of the main reasons behind Android phone charging very slowly is faulty charging cable.

If the charging cable for Android phone which you are using to charge is broken or having few cuts in the middle then it might be the reason behind android phone slow charging.

Use a different charging cable and see if you are still experiencing slow charging android device issue.

Reason #2: Broken USB Port

Android Phone battery charging slowly can also be due to the broken USB port. If the cable connector and USB port are not in proper contact with each other then it might lead to the slow charging of your android phone battery.

Over the time, USB port might wear off if the cable is not inserted properly. If the issue is with USB port of your mobile phone then you can try clearing out any dust using a toothpick.

Blowing some air on the USB port might also clear out any obstructions if found.

Reason #3: Bad Power Source

While the above two reasons might be leading to this issue of your phone charging slow, it is also possible that the power source which you are using to charge your phone is not a good one.

If the output is less than what your smartphone is expected to have then you might experience issues such as slow charging android phone.

Here you can try charging your phone using a different power source. If you see that your phone is charging at the fine rate then it is problem with the power source which you are using to juice up your phone’s battery.

Reason #4: Not using Original Charger

There are a lot of fake products in the market and mobile phone chargers make to the top. You will find plenty of grey mobile chargers which will help do the job of charging your phone but eventually it will take up to a day to charge your phone.

If you are not using original charger that comes with the android phone then it might be the reason that it is taking hours for your phone to get charged.

Check for the originality of your Android phone charger and if you are using a duplicate phone charger, get an original one.

Reason #5: Using Phone while Charging

A lot of us have the habit of using our phones while charging because we are addicted to our phones. Some applications eat a lot of battery and if you are using these applications while charging your phone it will lead to the fast draining of your phone’s battery.

Whenever you are charging your Android phone try not to use it and give good 1-2 hours of charging. Once the battery level reached around 90% you can use it in case you want to use it.


These are the few reasons which will help you in improving battery life of your Android phone. We hope this article “Why is my phone charging slow and dying fast?” helped you with Android phone battery charging slow and draining too fast issue.

You can also follow these official Android help guides (Fix battery drain problems on Android and Get the most life from your battery on Android) if your battery is dying faster than in the past and you want to make your Android device’s battery last longer.

Are you following any specific trick to improve android battery life and fix android battery draining too fast problems? If yes then feel free to let us know using the comments section below.

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