How to Add System Compression in Disk Cleanup on Windows 10

Step by step guide on – how to add system compression option in Disk Cleanup on Windows 10 PC !!

Disk Cleanup has already proved its usefulness on Windows operating system and all Windows users are happy with it. Basically, Disk Cleanup is a helpful Windows system program that lets you remove all the unnecessary files from your drives to save space on disk drive.

With the help of it, you can easily delete all those files which are related your current user account. But in Windows 10, the disk cleanup tool is released with an advanced feature known as “system Compression” option.

It means, now you can compress the whole system impressively and save more space using the system compression option in Disk Cleanup on Windows 10.

Here in this guide, we are illustrating – how you can add system compression in disk cleanup on windows 10 computer. Grab the instructions carefully:

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Add System Compression option in Disk Cleanup on Windows 10

Step (1): First of all, click on Start menu icon from the taskbar to open search box and then type cleanmgr inside the search box.

Step (2): Now, right click on the option of cleanmgr and select “Run as administrator” option.

how to add system compression in disk cleanup on windows 10

Step (3): After that Drive selection window will appear, here you need to select the drive on which you have installed the Windows 10 (in most of the case, it’s C drive) and press OK.

disk cleanup

Step (4): Now wait for a while till the Disk Cleanup window appears. On the disk cleanup window, under Files to delete section you will see various options.

system compression

Step (5): From the options, check the box before System Compression and then click on OK button to compress the system files.

Step (6): That’s it!

One thing is not cleared here that which kind of data will be compressed using system compression in Disk Cleanup, but according to its description it uses the built-in NTFS compression to compress the files and to free up some large disk space.

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