Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts [New]

Useful Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts for Windows users, Are you using these new keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10 Technical Preview?

Recently, Microsoft surprised us by announcing the latest version of Windows which is named Windows 10. The latest Windows 10 operating system is perfectly different from previous all Windows operating system (Windows 7, Windows 8) and able to amaze its users in first sight.

According to the Microsoft, Windows 10 will fulfil the Windows experience in a quite impressive way and some of its features like new start menu, multiple desktops, snap enhancements, new task view on taskbar, all apps run in a window, new file explorer, touch improvements, new command prompt, universal search in start menu, enterprise ready etc. will make users feel much comfortable.

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Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts

Addition to these awesome Windows 10 features, Microsoft also included few new Keyboard shortcuts with this latest windows operating system. Keyboard shortcuts are one of the best ways to get things done faster and make you much productive. So let’s see the list of Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts.

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New Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10

Several other Keyboard Shortcuts may available to use in Windows 10 but these are the best and most useful one.

  • WIN + LEFT or RIGHT →  Snapping window (can be used with UP or DOWN to get into quadrants)
  • ALT + TAB →  Switch to recent window (hold shows new Task view window view, let go and switches to app).
  • WIN + TAB →  Task view (New Task view opens up and stays open)
  • WIN + CTRL + D →  Create new virtual desktop
  • WIN + CTRL + F4 →  Close current virtual desktop
  • WIN + CTRL + LEFT or RIGHT →  Switch virtual desktop

Feel free to mention in comment section if you are familiar with any other Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts. We will really appreciate your effort. Stay connected with us to grab more interesting Computer tricks, Windows tips and tricks, and Windows 10 tutorials etc.


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