Top 10 Best Free Unblocked Music Sites for School, College, and Workplace

Are you looking for some best free unblocked music sites or free music listening websites? Accessing music streaming sites in schools, colleges, and workplaces are generally restricted due to some specific reasons. So, it’s very common to come across blocked websites in schools, colleges and even most of the workplaces. There is nothing wrong if there are some blocked websites on the school network. The administration knows that students are going to waste their time listening to music which leads to blocked music websites.

But sometimes you feel highly necessary of accessing music in schools or at any places during some very important occasions or celebrations of the particular thing (For example farewell party going on or you want free music listening website for some celebrations). At that time, probably you will wish to access to music streaming sites at any cost and in such conditions, unblocked music websites play a vital role.

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So in today’s music tutorial, we are going to share a very detailed list of top 10 best free unblocked music sites for school, college, and workplace etc. We hope you will like these best free unblocked music sites for listening to your favorite music anytime anywhere.

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Top 10 Best Free Unblocked Music Websites for School, College, and Workplace

Having good and high-speed internet connection at schools, colleges, and workplaces can be very convenient but it is likely that there are plenty of restrictions in place to prevent you from accessing specific websites like free music streaming sites, free online movie streaming sites, social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) and many more.

If you really love music like we do, sometimes you’ve definitely been in these situations where the music streaming sites are blocked completely. But the great thing is that there are countless of free unblocked music websites which are school approved and can be freely accessed in schools and all other institutions without using any software or even proxy sites. Isn’t it really amazing? Let’s have a look at the list of top 10 best free unblocked music sites for school, college, and workplace:

(1) Grooveshark

Grooveshark ( is one of the best unblocked music sites which you can use to listen to music in your college. You can stream music for free using this free music listening website. The website comes with a search feature which can be used to find your favorite songs and artists. In order to use free unblocked music website, you need to create an account on Grooveshark.

(2) Slacker

Slacker ( is an online radio website where you can listen to unlimited music for free. The unlock music site is having more than 200 radio stations. Using this unblocked music website, you can create your own radio station too. You can listen to all the songs which are present on Slacker without downloading on your computer.

(3) Purevolume

You will be able to open Purevolume ( in your college, office, and school network. This is one of the best free unblocked music sites for school, college, and workplace. You will get all the popular songs on Purevolume which you can listen for free. You can also browse for the songs which you want to listen to in Purevolume.

(4) Soundzabound

Soundzabound ( is also one of those free music streaming sites which are accessible in all the schools and colleges. This free music streaming site is developed only for educations institutions. You will get different types of music files, sound effects along with background audio tracks in Soundzabound. You can also download audio files for the PowerPoint presentations from the best unblocked music website.

(5) ClearlyDrunk

ClearlyDrunk ( is the next unblocked music sites which make to our list. You can stream an unlimited number of songs using this website. The website comes with an SSL proxy which will protect your personal information from hackers. All the websites which are blocked by your ISP (Internet service provider) can be accessed using ClearlyDrunk.

(6) ZUUS

Streaming music using ZUUS ( in college and schools is very easy. All the latest tracks are available on the home page of this website. You can also use the search feature of this free unblocked music website to find the tracks you want to listen. Different genres are displayed at the bottom of the website.

(7) Song Area

Song Area ( is a bit old website and you might don’t like it’s interface as it is bit old school. On the top of this music streaming website, you will find a search bar which can be used to search for songs, artists and even albums. All the songs which are uploaded on the website can be accessed in alphabetical order.

(8) Hulkshare

If you are an artist or want to listen to tracks of new blood then you can use Hulkshare ( The online music community has songs of all the new artists. The website is having a user-friendly interface which makes it extremely easy for one to use it.

(9) Jamendo Music

Jamendo ( is an online free music community where you will find millions of songs. The unblocked music website is similar to other websites which we have listed on the list. The website will help you in your multimedia projects and you can access it for free.

(10) Bluebeat

We will end our list of most popular and free unblocked music sites with Bluebeat ( You can not only listen to new songs using this music websites unblocked but also create your own playlist by adding your favorite songs to it. In order to access all the features of this free music listening website, you need to register for an account on Bluebeat.

Are These Free Unblocked Music Sites Useful?

These are the top 10 best free unblocked music sites for school, college, and workplace. You will be able to freely access all these free music streaming sites in your office, school and college without using any proxy sites or third-party software. If you are using any other website to stream music content in your schools let us know using the comments below.

Feel free to share with us – What are your most favorite free music streaming sites or free unblocked music sites to listen to music online in school, college, and workplace?

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